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Where plenty of podcasts about podcasting (PAPs) tell you what to do, Podcast Pontifications gives you what to think about in podcasting. These daily, insightful forward-looking episodes have one central tenet: Podcasting needs to be made better, not just easier. Designed for the workingRead more

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Planned Podcasting Breaks Are The Best!

Nov 16 • 03:21

Like all creators, serious podcasters need to take care of themselves. Sometimes that means taking time for yourself. Sometimes it means adjusting priorities to make the creative process better. I'm doing both! ...

Facebook Ads for Podcasts: Good Money After Bad Math

Nov 4 • 09:44

It’s said that money can’t buy happiness. can’t buy podcast listeners either, according to the data generated from a Facebook Ad experiment I funded for 76 days and have just terminated. ...

Podcast Like A Celebrity With 5 Easy Tips

Nov 3 • 09:12

Celebrity podcasts are killing it, and plenty of podcasters wonder if there’s a secret to podcasting like a celebrity. As it turns out, there is! But is it relevant to podcasters who aren’t celebrities?...

What Podcasting Can Learn From Apple TV+

Nov 2 • 10:07

Streaming services like Apple TV+ are changing how television and movie content are created, consumed, and classified as successful or not. Changes an agile medium like podcasting can learn from....

Indie Podcasting Does Not Mean Poor Podcasters

Nov 1 • 08:12

The romantic notion of the struggling artist runs deep in indie podcasting. But while every indie podcaster struggles to get their production to the world, not all struggle to make ends meet....

4 Questions To Uncover Your Podcast's Unique Point Of View

Oct 28 • 10:47

Your podcast is unique. Just like every other podcast. Or just like every other podcast tries to be. The truth is figuring out your show’s unique point of view is hard. Asking these four questions can help....

Breaking Your Podcast's Format Isn't Always A Bad Thing

Oct 27 • 08:28

Consistency is often key in podcasting, and your show’s format is part of that. But your format is simply a tool that helps you better tell the story to your audience. Sometimes, a different tool may get better results....

Podcasting With A Purpose (Even If It's Your Own)

Oct 26 • 10:23

Why do you podcast? Yes, plenty of selfish reasons are important if only to keep you podcasting. But does it go deeper than that? I asked the community and was blown away by the responses I received....

They're Making Video Podcasts A Thing Again… Again And It Might Just Work This Time

Oct 25 • 09:45

On the whole, podcasting hasn’t been kind to video content producers. And video hasn’t been kind to podcasters’ wallets. But four developing trends could change how podcasters think about video in the future.

In the beginning, there were audio podcasts. And then about 13 seconds later there were also video podcasts. But the bifurcation of audio podcasts and video podcasts w...

Making Your Podcast Better By Controlling The Narrative

Oct 21 • 08:57

Far too many podcasters cede control of the narrative of their episodes to their subject. Here’s how to take that power back, make better episodes, and wind up with even more content to share....

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