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Oxford Energy Podcast – Energy transition in Japan and implications for gas

Dec 1 • 00:00

In this podcast, David Ledesma talks to Martin Lambert about his recent paper on the energy transition in Japan and the implications for gas.   They discuss the unique challenges which Japan faces in meeting its ambitious decarbonisation targets of 46% reduction by 2030 and net zero by 2050.   They cover the range of options available for Japan, including the challenges ar...

Oxford Energy Podcast – Reflections on COP26

Nov 23 • 00:00

In this latest edition of the OIES podcast series David Ledesma and James Henderson reflect on the outcomes of COP26 from an energy sector perspective. They review the main goals of the COP and discuss the conclusions of both the formal UNFCCC process as well as a number of initiatives that were developed by the UK presidency. In particular they look at the future of coal ...

Oxford Energy Podcast – Gas Quarterly – November 2021

Nov 19 • 00:00

In this podcast related to the latest OIES Quarterly Gas Review, David Ledesma discusses with Mike Fulwood and Jack Sharples the short-term gas pricing developments, with a focus on the very sharp rise in wholesale gas prices in recent months. The discussion considers the extent to which the growth in LNG demand outstripped supply at a global level, how Europe – as the ‘ba...

Nord Stream 2: on the verge of sending gas to Europe

Nov 11 • 00:00

This OIES podcast is based on Dr Katja Yafimava’s new OIES Energy Insight “Nord Stream 2: on the verge of sending gas to Europe”. In conversation with Dr James Henderson, Katja takes stock of Nord Stream 2 recent developments and muses on just how close – or far – the Nord Stream 2 pipeline system, two lines of which have been built and one line has been filled with gas, m...

Oxford Energy Podcast – The future of gas in India’s energy transition

Nov 4 • 00:00

In this OIES podcast, recorded just before the start of the COP26 summit, James Henderson talks to Anupama Sen, a Senior Research Fellow at OIES, Deputy Director of the Energy Transition Research Initiative and Executive Director of the Electricity Research Programme. They discuss the role of gas in India’s energy economy, and its transition strategy in relation to COP26. ...

Oxford Energy Podcast – COP26: This time it’s serious

Oct 27 • 00:00

In this OIES podcast James Henderson talks to Malcolm Keay, a Senior Research Fellow at OIES, about his article “COP26: This time it’s serious” which was published in the latest edition of the Oxford Energy Forum. Malcolm discusses the history of COP agreements since Kyoto, and in particular focuses on the importance of COP21 in Paris and the agreement reached there which ...

Oxford Energy Podcast – COP26 and China

Oct 20 • 00:00

In this OIES podcast James Henderson, Director of the OIES Energy Transition Research Initiative, talks with Michal Meidan, Director of the Gas and China Energy Research Programmes at OIES, about China’s environmental policies and the country’s position ahead of COP26. Michal discusses China’s history of environmental diplomacy and addresses the somewhat ambiguous position...

Oxford Energy Podcast – COP26 Examining the balance between ambitious pledges and realistic expectations

Oct 13 • 00:00

In this extended OIES podcast David Ledesma talks to James Henderson, the Director of the Energy Transition Research Initiative at OIES, about the recent special edition of the Oxford Energy Forum entitled “COP 26 – Examining the Balance between Ambitious Pledges and Realistic Expectations.” The discussion ranges from a general overview of the key issues that will be discu...

Oxford Energy Podcast – Electricity Price Rises: exploring the context and implications

Oct 7 • 00:00

While the recent rise in electricity prices has generated a lot of debate and concern among some commentators, other analysts have argued that the rises were a predictable and transient event, and that we should move on. In this OIES Energy Podcast , Anupama Sen talks to Rahmat Poudineh and David Robinson of the OIES Electricity Research Programme to place the recent event...

Oxford Energy Podcast – China’s SPR release: a test of mechanisms rather than a show of market might

Oct 5 • 00:00

China’s announcement that it will release oil from its Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is a hugely significant policy initiative, but it is first and foremost a test of mechanisms rather than an attempt to impact oil markets and flows. In this Podcast, David Ledesma talks to Michal Meidan about the SPR oil release, the drivers and likely implications. Given the small siz...

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