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Two siblings explore how ancient myths become modern pop culture while reading Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson and the Olympians." A podcast for Mortals, Monsters, and Myth-lovers. New episodes every other Tuesday.

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Chapter 27: So You Think You Know The Odyssey?

Nov 9 • 01:28:52

The Odyssey follows one man's long quest to return home. That man doesn't appear until book five and his quest lasts less than 100 pages. So, what's the rest of The Odyssey about?
Darien (she/her) and DJ (he/him) finish their journey through the Sea of Monsters with a proper look at Homer's epic poem. Turns out, there's a lot they didn't know about the story everyone think...

Chapter 26: The Golden Fleece Could Have Been a Really Nice Banana

Oct 26 • 01:16:35

The story of Jason and the Argonauts is one of the oldest stories still being told in the Western canon. It features the Golden Fleece, which is one of the oldest McGuffins in the Western canon. Hold on to your film studies degree, kids; Leo Garcia (he/him) (AKA GeekScorpio/Gaming Theater Presents) joins us to talk myths, MacGuffins, and Alfred Hitchcock.

Other topics incl...

BIRTHDAY BONUS EPISODE: Darien Takes the Worst PJO Quiz Ever

Oct 19 • 35:46

Happy Birthday, Podcast of Poseidon!!...

Chapter 25: Polyphemus' Sympathetic Disney Prequel

Oct 12 • 55:25

It's the ultimate showdown: Polyphemus' lack of hospitality versus Odysseus's hubris. Which will the gods hate more? The answer may surprise you!

Topics include sympathetic Disney villain prequels, strange character design, monster friends, who gets to boast in Greek mythology, and which characters deserved more from the Star Wars sequel trilogy (Hint: All of them).


BIRTHDAY BONUS EPISODE: Mr. Tumnus is the Worst Satyr

Oct 5 • 36:58

Happy Birthday, Podcast of Poseidon!!...

Chapter 24: Lo-fi Siren Songs To Jump Off A Ship To

Sep 28 • 01:08:35

In the Odyssey, Homer depicted sirens as mysterious musicians with all the world's knowledge in their voices. Later storytellers would transform sirens into... sexy naked ladies. And we hate that.

Topics include the best modern depiction of sirens, the strangest siren art, tricks to navigate sexual frustration, and songs we would definitely throw ourselves off a boat to he...

Chapter 23: Circe's a Goddess and Samantha Can Do Better

Sep 14 • 01:25:13

We're well into The Sea of Monsters, which means it's time to talk about that original witchy woman, Circe. Which animal would you hope to be turned into if you washed up on Circe's island? (Women and non-binary listeners need not respond.)

Topics include iconic witches of pop culture, the age of fictional characters, Avatar: The Last Airbender, the difference between a wit...

Chapter 22: Would You Rather (Charybdis and Scylla Edition)

Aug 31 • 01:08:31

So, you're about to enter the Sea of Monsters. But first, you need to get past the dreaded oceanic beasts Charybdis and Scylla. How do you survive with your ship and crew intact? DJ has a pretty good idea. 

Topics include sea monsters, modes of transportation, Godzilla, sea monster classifications, glass sharks, canals, and Darien's fish phobia (again). 

Spoilers for Godzil...

Chapter 21: We Don't Hail Hydra

Aug 17 • 01:00:10

How would you kill the Hydra? Obviously not by cutting off its head. You could aim for the body, but what if you can't tell where the neck ends and the body begins? This week, Darien and DJ talk about strategies for killing the Hydra. 

Topics include comic book lore, bottomless lakes,  immortal fresh-water organisms, monster movies, and fish.


Chapter 20: Hermes, Bugs Bunny, and Other Trickster Gods

Aug 3 • 01:08:09

It's been a while since we've talked about a god! This week, DJ (he/him) takes over the research to talk about the good ol' god of messengers, thieves, and tricksters, Hermes. 

Topics include early 2000's technology, tiny snakes, not-so-tiny snakes, tricksters, Looney Tunes, the Tricky/Fun Matrix, con artists, reality TV hosts, and not-so-reality TV hosts. 


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