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Podcast nuggets doesn't bring you new content, it highlights interesting existing ideas. If something gets your attention go directly to the source! All the links are in the show notes. Read more

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#9: Ted Gioia, Sam Harris, Neil Gaiman, Tyler Cowen, Joe Rogan.

Aug 17 • 21:51

#7: Neil Gaiman, Neil Strauss, Judd Apatow, Alan Lightman, Judah Pollack

Mar 16 • 18:46

Welcome to another episode of Podcast Nuggets! 
Some great nuggets about creativity this month.

#6: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Matthew Walker, Sebastian Junger, James Clear

Feb 4 • 23:47

Welcome to another episode of Podcast Nuggets! ...

#5: BEST OF: Naval Ravikant on The Joe Rogan Experience (#1309)

Dec 20 • 39:58

Welcome to another episode of Podcast Nuggets!
This is the last episode for 2019, so I decided to do something a bit different this time.
I took what I think was one of the best podcasts I heard this year and created a “best of” out of the best insights. I ended up with 26 short clips. You can see the clips description below or if you have a podcast app which supports chap...

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#4: Derek Sivers, Svend Brinkmann, AsapScience, Chuck Palahniuk

Dec 10 • 28:01

This week new nuggets!...

#2: Barbara Oakley, Anders Ericsson, David Epstein.

Nov 22 • 15:14

Clip 1: Barbara Oakley on what learning is and what it does to your brain (00:17)
“The knowledge project" ep 31

Clip 2: Anders Ericsson: What is "deliberate practice"? (02:30)
Freakonomics radio" ep 244

Clip 3: David Epstein about "the kind and wicked learning environment." (07:46)
“The James Altucher Show" ep 468 

Clip 4: Anders Ericsson about the misinterpretation of the 100...

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