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A fun, highly informative, and educational podcast all about podcasting better. Whether you are an entrepreneur, content creator, artist, or podcaster, here you will find all of the resources you need to grow your digital footprint by planning, producing, and launching a high quality podcast. ComeRead more

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6 Tips for Hiring a Podcast Editor

Dec 3 • 21:13

Give the Gift of Podcasting!

No more excuses, let's get started on our New Year's resolutions early!

For a limited time (until DEC 7) we are offering our FIRST EVER HOLIDAY SALE!  40%OFF!

Instead of giving the traditional and boring holiday presents, you give yourself, or a loved one, the opportunity to create a...

What people MOST ask about podcasting (Roulette Edition)

Nov 26 • 34:44

In this episode, Studio Steve and Veronica answer the most asked questions about podcasting.  Google auto-populate feature and Answer the Public are always great sources to find out what people are searching for about your topic. So with a laptop at hand and a spinning wheel, the duo answer questions wheel of fortune style.

Ready for some rueda de la fortuna?!

In this epis...

Going Outside - Building your Podcast Brand ( PART THREE)

Nov 19 • 41:57

Continuing with our three-part series on how to build your podcast brand, this week Veronica and Studio Steve invite you to go outside, yes outside. Have you explored your local scene?! In this episode, you will learn all the potential opportunities waiting for you. Hint: they're literally closer than you think.

In this episode you will learn:

✨ Ideas on how you can start ...

Create with Power - Building Your Podcast Brand (Part Two)

Nov 12 • 43:48

In this episode, Veronica and Studio Steve share their thoughts and useful tips to become a ninja of repurposing and workflow. They also share some personal stories about struggles they've had with perfectionism and some words of encouragement if you're in this predicament too. This episode will leave you feeling empowered and ready to create with power. 

You will learn: 

✨ ...

Get Visual! Building Your Brand (Part One)

Nov 6 • 33:58

This is PART ONE of a THREE PART series we’re doing on Building a Podcast Brand....

Podcasting with your BOO! We get real!

Oct 29 • 38:29

In this episode, Studio Steve and Veronica share their personal experiences of working and creating a podcast together while raising a family.  There are numerous benefits that come with starting businesses and projects with your loved ones. But it also comes with a set of challenges we all should be aware of.

In this episode, you will learn:

✨ Why is a great idea to start ...

I STILL Haven't Started my Podcast!

Oct 22 • 21:25

Starting a podcast can be REALLY SCARY and OVERWHELMING!  Here’s what to do to get out of your head and in front of the microphone now!

This episode was inspired by a great comment we received on our YouTube channel:

“​I purchased mics and equipment back in Apr 2020 and have been too scared to start a podcast. I worry it won't be entertaining enough. I also worry my voice wi...

Different Ways to Learn How to Podcast

Oct 15 • 17:09

You decided you want to start your podcast. You've been contemplating the idea for months or years, and finally, you decide that now is the time.  Now what?! 

How do you learn everything there's to learn? Equipment, recording and editing, hosting and distribution, branding and promotion...

In this episode, Veronica talks about the different ways you can learn how to launch a...

The Double Ender - The Struggles of REMOTE Recording

Oct 8 • 25:08

Remote recording is the bane of the interview-podcaster’s existence.  Mostly because of the unpredictability of our guests. 

There are so many variables that make it very difficult to achieve great sounds from our guests half of the recording. 

Luckily there are solutions for this -- our two favorites being:




But even when using these remote recording s...

Will my podcast be successful? We'll help you figure it out

Oct 1 • 14:56

In this episode, Veronica covers four important factors that determine podcast success. 

Like any other project, we want to know if the time, effort, and money we'll invest in our podcast will pay off eventually. The payoff you will seek is connected to your goals. Is your goal to serve your community? is your goal to generate more sales for your business? Is your goal to g...

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