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PocketPod is a silly, song-filled, weekly Animal Crossing podcast about Pocket Camp and New Horizons. Join JoeyBoey, Rar, and Leesh on their journey through these delightful games.

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Animal Crossing #180 - The Froggy Chair Nation

Nov 19 • 01:15:33

Learn some very interesting tidbits about Flick & CJ's history. Delight in glitches that are here to stay. Find out how to pronounce Wardell, who the heck is D'Wardell, and what is a mico?!...

Animal Crossing #179 - 10 Sips of a Donut

Nov 12 • 01:03:29

Are you clappin' with Kapp'n? This week, find out how Rar entertains house guests, who JoeyBoey Ione has eyes for, and does Leesh finds a big bear to love? Join us as we barely graze the surface of all that's new in the #acnh #AnimalCrossing 2.0.0 update.
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Animal Crossing #178 - Ebwarb Scissorhambs

Nov 5 • 58:57

We recorded this ep moments before the early release of the 2.0 update, so we guarantee zero spoilers. Instead, join us and all the single lazies as we reminisce about #ACNHHalloween, talk Amiibo hunting strategies, and learn more about Niko and Wardell.
This episode is sponsored by MANSCAPED™. Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code POCKETPOD at

Animal Crossing #177 - Ladies in STEM

Oct 29 • 01:02:44

Will you be our perfect little soup person? This week in #acnh #AnimalCrossing we welcome villagers and uncover their secrets. We dream about amiibo features of the future and holiday hot buttons in #HHP. Don't forget to have dinner at the coffee table!...

Animal Crossing #176 - Keep Your Kimbers Frost

Oct 22 • 01:06:37

This week in #acnh #animalcrossing the #NintendoDirect gave us a big giant dump of dream suites realized. Kapp'n! Vines! Katrina! Carrots! Tortimer! Ceiling lights! Gyroids! STORAGE SHEDS! Croc Circles! Manatee and Monkey Friends! #PocketPodKnowsWhatsUp...

Animal Crossing #175 - That Train Has Sailed

Oct 15 • 01:01:06

More schoolyard playjacent Squid Game chatter this week, before we dive into all the #acnh #animalcrossing #NintendoDirect predictions we can fit into our episode. Will there be gyroids? Will Kapp'n show up? Will we likey the lychee? Maybe craft stacking?...

Animal Crossing #174 - So, What About Ghosts?!

Oct 8 • 53:31

It's #acnhtober! This week in #acnh #AnimalCrossing, find out who met Celeste for the first time, who left JB out of a purple party, and whether or not a certain Netflix show is watchable. And enjoy some early predictions for next week's Nintendo Direct....

Animal Crossing #173 - Gh-Gh-Gh-Ghost in the Door

Oct 1 • 50:43

Happy 1st of Octember! Robot ghosts haunt Leesh's house, we dream suite about space birb olympics, and doppelganger islands. And museum doorportunities are knocking as we search for secret passageways to The Roost. We hope you enjoy our informedy!...

Animal Crossing #172 - A Morsel of More

Sep 24 • 33:10

This week, Leesh and Rar perform magic tricks just for JoeyBoey. Also, next month is a week away and #Nintendo finally confirms that Brewster and his Roost are definitely coming to #acnh #AnimalCrossing before the end of 2021! Let's get to work folks!...

Animal Crossing #171 - My Own Kody Idaho

Sep 10 • 01:00:21

We definitely can't verify any leaked news this week, but we try to speculate about it anyway. Coo? We also agree with some perfect celebrity doppelgangers from @ACPCutie and we have some #ACNH #AnimalCrossing pro tips for #Brooklyn99's Jake Peralta....

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