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Where magic and mental health meet ✨ Join Amber Lenore, Witch and Licensed Psychotherapist, and Callie Little, Sex Educator and Emotional Support Witch, for weekly wisdom + wise-cracking. Podcast art by EJ Landsman (@ejtattoos)

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New Age Bullshxt

Dec 3 • 01:08:52

As professional new age fools, we are in a community that is rich in wisdom, magic, and unfortunately a lot of problematic behaviors and ways of thinking. This week, we look at some of the red flags you can keep an eye out for in the esoteric realm. ...

Kin Magick: The Ties That Bind

Nov 25 • 55:33

It's holiday time and you know what that means: family. For better or worse, our families are deeply tied to our emotional lives and managing what that can bring up can be tough. This week, we talk about what familial curses are and how to deal with holiday stress....

The Hedgework of Death

Nov 12 • 51:55

We are so appreciative of the support you've sent in the weeks we've taken off. To hear about what happened, listen in as we discuss what death brings with it-- pain, magic, and otherwise. Listeners this week should note that we discuss potentially upsetting topics such as hospitalization, sudden death, and grief. If this isn't the episode for you, we hear you, we love you...

The Witch's Book

Oct 15 • 50:43

Grimoires, Books of Shadows... Whatever you call them, these tomes are fascinating representations of witchcraft through the ages. But what's the difference between these two terms and do either apply to you? Do neither? In this episode, we discuss the history of these books, posit a new term for these texts, and discuss why using a written record as part of your practice ...

First Anniversary Episode ft. YOU!

Oct 6 • 42:27

Wheel one is complete and we talk about the highlights, lowlights, and listen to the beautiful messages you left for us! We tell you all about changes to come this year and just get real squishy about it all....

Consulting the Oracle ft. Amanda Yates Garcia

Sep 17 • 44:11

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Amanda Yates Garcia, AKA The Oracle of LA, to the podcast in today's episode! This week, we chat about being a public-facing witch— the highs and the lows, the challenges and magic, and how it all affects our mental well-being....

An Anatomy of Spellcasting

Sep 9 • 58:53

Obviously, witches are associated with magick and spellcasting. But what IS a spell, how is it made, and how does one perform this mystical practice? In this episode, we talk about what a spell consists of from supplies to ritual, share our opinions on buying and using others' spells, and talk about why it all works on a psychological level. You don't want to miss this one!...

Rolling With Magickal Punches

Sep 5 • 21:47

We'd planned to talk about The VVitch this week, but the universe had other plans......

So You Wanna Be a Sea Witch

Aug 26 • 46:48

What does the ocean mean to you? How do you begin working with the sea as a magical practitioner, even if you're in a landlocked place? In this episode we begin by chatting about what's going on in our individual practices and what that has to do with the element of water and holistic witchcraft. We move on to practical information and advice on how to work with the ocean ...

The Art of Audacity

Aug 19 • 56:56

Every day, we make choices to be (or not to be!) someone we admire. This episode is all about finding your own path, cutting through impostor syndrome, and claiming your unique path— the path *only* you can claim. Listen in to stories from our lives and how we weave magic and mental health into our beliefs the self....

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