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Welcome to Pls Fix Thx! We started this podcast to talk about modern-day fads and trends that leave us feeling overwhelmed, drained and burned out. If these feelings sound familiar to you, then you're at the right place! Through our candid conversations, we'll rant about what's got us down thisRead more

Popular episodes

18: We Don't Have Any!

Oct 7 • 22:36

We're all out! We don't have any. We're backed up. It seems like no matter what you're looking for these days, there's a massive shortage. The supply chain is broken and shipments aren't getting in. Need food? We're out of ketchup, Chic-Fil-A sauce, and chicken wings. Need shelter? We're out of housing and even wood. Thinking about sleeping in your car instead? We can't ma...

17: Is It Ok To Step Outside?

Sep 28 • 19:09

We’re back for Season 3 with more hard-hitting, thought provoking observations than ever before. In episode 1, we take on travel, discuss common mask-wearing techniques, and talk about our latest adventures. Raj goes broke traveling through Ohio, United Airlines still sucks, and the CDC...doesn’t? Join us as we try to make sense of traveling in the post-but-not-really-post...

16: The @mitraNYC Special (Pt. III) - Fixing Career Anxiety & More Hot Takes 🔥

Apr 30 • 42:17

In our final installment of the Mitra NYC special, and our Season 2 finale, Anish shares his journey for figuring out what he wanted to do with his career and his life. He talks about his experience with the Hoffman Process and how it helped him pursue his passions. He’s got great career advice especially if you know what you’re doing now isn’t your dream job. We also bant...

15: The @mitraNYC Special (Pt. II) - Being Brown in Corporate America

Apr 28 • 33:59

Part 2 of our conversation with Anish is an honest, real talk about race and our experiences as Indians in corporate America. Anish talks about growing up brown, going to Brown, and working with other brown people. We trade stories about navigating predominantly white universities and industries, while navigating predominantly brown family expectations and norms....

14: The @mitraNYC Special (Pt. I) - Content Creation and Spicy Takes

Apr 27 • 55:50

Please Fix Thx is excited to welcome Anish K. “@mitranyc” Mitra to the show for what will be our second three-part series! Anish is a full-time content creator, bastion of the finance (pronounced fih-NANCE) meme ecosystem, and former VP at Goldman Sachs, and he sits down to talk about a wide range of topics. In part 1, we talk about his background, the banking industry, an...

13: Switching Career Paths - Please Fix Thx

Apr 5 • 53:11

Become a Please Fix Thx listener today! Ideal candidates will have relevant podcast listening experience, a high degree of intellectual curiosity, a growth mindset, high levels of motivation to engage with content, and a willingness to have fun!...

12: The MBA - Please Fix Thx (Part 3)

Mar 16 • 29:24

Whether it’s Star Wars, The Godfather, or our MBA series, we at Please Fix Thx love a good trilogy! To wrap up this series, we bring in our friend and colleague CJ John to talk about why he chose to not get an MBA and what he’s doing instead. CJ brings a different perspective than our first two guests, going into detail about how he began the application process for grad s...

11: The MBA - Please Fix Thx (Part 2)

Feb 18 • 36:44

We’re back for part 2 of our MBA discussion! If you haven’t listened to part 1 yet, we highly recommend you take the time to do so first. This time, we’re talking to Saam Alikhani, a recent MBA graduate from Stanford who works in the real estate industry in New York. He shares why he wanted to get an MBA after law school, how it helped him get to where he is today, and adv...

10: The MBA - Please Fix Thx (Part 1)

Feb 12 • 42:14

Getting an MBA is often seen as a necessary step to a successful career. If you’re in a field like consulting or finance, you might be thinking of getting an MBA yourself or at least know people who are. But with the rising cost of an MBA, we’ve been thinking, is it still worth taking two years off to get one?...

9: Streaming Wars - Please Fix Thx

Jan 29 • 38:33

We’re kicking off season 2 talking about streaming wars. Remember the quaint days of Netflix and chill? Now we got a dozen different platforms with more content than we could ever need, we’re paying as much as we ever were, and we’re so worked up about it we can’t even chill like we used to. We need to talk....

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