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Plot Points is a monthly podcast which discusses table-top role-playing games and their supplements as literature. Our quirky panel discusses games old and new, spotlights innovations in the hobby, and links to literature.

Popular episodes

Reading the DMG Aloud 10 Ep 231

Nov 27 • 54:01

Shanty Hunters -Ep 231

Nov 14 • 59:11

Explore the seas! Discover shanties! Watch them come to life before your very eyes! Experience a game like no other from RPG luminary Tristan Zimmerman! Back it on Kickstarter here!...

Reading the DMG Aloud 9 Ep 230

Oct 30 • 48:58

Which races love money and a good time the most? Why are those the axes Gygax chose to judge races in the first place? Weirder questions and thoughts follow in this episode with Scott Bruner and Ben Riggs!...

Secrets of the Vibrant Isle- Ep 229

Oct 27 • 43:10

Raccoon Sky Pirates! Ep 228

Oct 1 • 57:22

Catching up with Pelgrane Press- Ep 227

Jul 30 • 47:48

What if Evil Tech Cultists Ruled the Galaxy?- Ep 226

Jul 8 • 42:53

Now with More Bards! Satine Phoenix & Jamison Stone Center Setting on Bards Ep 225

Apr 30 • 52:48

A Long Look at Amy Vorpahl's Candlekeep Deconstructed Ep 224

Apr 10 • 55:29

Monte Cook Kickstarts Product so New There's No Word for It Ep 223

Mar 30 • 52:56

Imagine running an adventure online, and instead of books, notes, and PDFs, everything is in a single app, right before your eyes. Now imagine the app has art from world-class artists, and design from RPG luminaries. That is what the brilliant and bodacious designers of Monte Cook Games have created: an adventure made to be run online. Explore more at The Darkest House Kic...

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