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Retaining customers has never been more important for eCommerce businesses. Join Kristen LaFrance, eCommerce retention specialist and head of community at Churn Buster, as she interviews guests from the top subscription businesses to learn how the best in the DTC space are retaining customers. IfRead more

Popular episodes

Moving Brands into the 21st Century with Jordan Gal from Carthook

Jul 27 • 41:42
  • Checkout is one of the key points that make or break your conversion rate, but most brands have very little control in that arena
  • How to create a more cohesive experience between your traffic sources and your sales pages
  • "Optimizing" the happiness of your customers
  • How personalized upsells can reward customers for making the purchase decision (within the purchase window)
  • Disco...

Running a Digitally Native Eyeglass Brand (with Ryan Fisher from Felix Gray)

Jul 20 • 49:44
  • How Felix Gray helps customers find the perfect fit by combining digital and in-store experiences
  • 3 factors to work through: style, price, and brand equity
  • Cross-selling for a product that generally lasts for years
  • How different SKUs face different kinds of competition
  • Building a website flow to help customers self-segment
  • Maintaining brand standard across a ton of different ch...

Redefining Customer Loyalty with Fiona Stevens from LoyaltyLion

Jul 13 • 26:33
  • Overcoming customer mistrust of loyalty programs
  • Loyalty emails perform ~14x better than standard marketing emails
  • Here’s the LoyaltyLion blog
  • Building up a base of loyal customers is a great way to avoid a race to the bottom on price
  • Different methods for rewarding loyalty and how to tie those into your brand values
  • Rewarding existing behaviors that signal engagement
  • Building a...

A Masterclass in eComm Logistics with Casey Armstrong, CMO at ShipBob

Jul 6 • 36:15
  • How major players “pull the market up with them”
  • Creating an Amazon-level experience through the entire customer journey
  • Balancing fast shipping with environmental concerns and the core elements of your brand
  • Distributing fulfillment centers geographically is a great way to get quicker shipping and a lower overall carbon footprint
  • How to use storytelling in shipping
  • Approaching...

Exploring Steady Growth in DTC with Fred Perotta (Tortuga Backpacks)

Jun 29 • 53:03
  • Iterating a product through some rough initial steps- the product itself might not necessarily be “there” but the right value prop and idea is an important start
  • Retention for a product designed to last years
  • “Acquiring an audience via content and then retaining them as customers”
  • Content can be a powerful tool for keeping potential customers engaged over a much longer buyer’...

Creating Retention-Oriented Paid Advertising with Savannah Sanchez of The Social Savannah

Jun 22 • 38:49
  • Diversifying ads to look native on newer social media platforms
  • How Facebook advertising has shifted over the past few years (and what that means for brands)
  • The experience of an ad vs conversion rate alone
  • Why dropshipping is more of a struggle in 2020
  • Using different campaigns for different parts of the funnel is a powerful tool for both acquisition and retention
  • How to use r...

The True Power of Subscription with Chathri Ali from Recharge

Jun 15 • 41:18
  • Why the customer portal is so important for subscription businesses
  • Creating an education focus on the backend of a site
  • The importance of keeping things exciting for a subscriber
  • “Subscribers are really dictating how the merchant is creating the subscription experience”
  • The three layers of retention and why CX platforms tend to get overlooked
  • What actions can customers take be...

Bringing a Brick’n’Mortar Business Online with Sanjay Jenkins of Buff City Soap

Jun 8 • 56:27
  • Balancing physical franchises and online sales
  • Using 10-digit phone numbers vs short codes for SMS
  • Replicating the in-store experience online 
  • SMS becomes more scalable as your team figures out elements to automate but you need to really interact with your customers first to understand their needs
  • “Growth is only as good as your retention.”
  • How a short supply chain gives brands...

How to Shape Your Business Ops for the 21st Century with Eric Best from SoundCommerce

Jun 1 • 56:51
  • Amazon has incredibly low marketing costs for a business of its size because they’ve nailed down a competitive advantage in operations
  • “You can only spend your way to growth for so long before you have to dig in and have a better understanding of retention, repeat engagement, customer lifetime value, like, LTV:CAC equation, and understand at what point and to what degree yo...

Mastering Email, Popups, and SMS with Ben Jabbawy from Privy

May 25 • 01:06:47
  • The biggest trends in email marketing right now
  • Using email as a narrative channel- it’s a great place to build out your brand story for customers
  • How to use popups without being intrusive or damaging your brand
  • Most cart abandonment happens before the checkout flow, so you need to combine exit intent popups with intelligent targeting
  • How to differentiate while customers are w...

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