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Play Time: A Podcast on Children and Play Therapy

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Play Time is a podcast for child therapists, parents, and anyone else curious about children who are interested in listening to a play therapist explore the beautiful, messy and complex work of conducting child therapy. This podcast is grounded in a Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) perspective,Read more

Popular episodes

Episode 81: Bye for Now

Jun 2 • 06:20

Hello Playtimers, this is the last episode of Play Time. Stay subscribed if you want to see what I am up to next, I have a feeling I will make another podcast (or Season 2 of Play Time??) at some point, but I have said what I need to say for now.

Thank you for listening, thank you for writing in, and thank you for all the support. To know the podcast has been helpful in any...

Ep80: The Shadow Side of Empathy

Apr 20 • 17:10

Ep79: Reasons to Fire Your Therapist + Talking About Calling Social Services

Apr 7 • 24:28

Ep78: The Rapidly Evolving World of Parenting

Mar 24 • 18:29

On this very 78th episode, we take a look at being a parent in the modern world, name the trends towards deeper respect for emotions in both children and adults, and talking about working with parents with various systems of values and beliefs regarding parenting and how we can support all families as therapists regardless of their values regarding childhood and child rear...

Ep77: Life as a Game

Mar 18 • 13:39

On this one we name the value of connective and playful time with children, and of the instinctive ability of parents and caregivers to make aspects of life a game for children, as a way to help adults cultivate playfulness and game like qualities into life. We also take a detour into how to turn your own life as an adult into a game, and the potential benefits of it....

Ep76: Mailbag Episode! Creating a Free and Protected Space in Schools and in Relationship

Mar 10 • 19:00

For the second anniversary of Play Time, we open up the mailbag to answer some questions about helping students in school who are having a hard time, and also discuss the value of a free and protected space, and how to create it.

The book mentioned in the episode was 'Sandplay: A psychotherapeutic Approach to the Psyche' by Dora Kalff.


Ep75: Divorce and Family Separation

Feb 22 • 13:11

People get divorced all the time, and families separate all the time. These events are often discussed as being 'traumatic' in the life of a child, which can be the case, but is it always? Is it appropriate to put divorce in the same category as child abuse or other traumatic events? Play Time's stance is a firm 'no'. Give it a listen if you're curious why.



Feb 12 • 14:58

Episode 73: Emotional Autonomy

Feb 1 • 14:22

As a field, we talk a whole heck of a lot about attachment these days, and with good reason, but emotional autonomy is not only an aspect of secure attachment but it is both the bedrock of being child-centered as well as a firm foundation for children to be able to develop their unique identity and move through their unique journey in this world.

And some placebo stuff as m...

Episode 72: Learning From Children

Jan 18 • 15:53

Of course we hope as adults that children are learning from us (and they are, constantly, whether we like it or not) but what do we learn from them? What knowledge can we gain about ourselves and our relationship to the world through spending time with children? The answer is all kinds of knowledge! And I would name more, but at this point you might as well just check out ...

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