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Plant-based inspiration, guidance, and support for a joyful and vibrant life

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Your Brain is not a Computer or a Muscle: Annie Murphy Paul on PYP 493

Nov 30 • 01:07:10
An old Jules Feiffer cartoon (which my desultory, last-minute Google search failed to turn up, so I'm doing this from memory) depicts a man who is proud of his active and formidable brain, but views his body as a nuisance that must be clothed, fed, bathed, and rested. He only puts up with his body since he needs it to carry his brain from place to place.

That's pretty much ...

Navigating Life with Evidence, Reason, and Compassion: Jamie Woodhouse on PYP 492

Nov 24 • 01:15:39
What's real?

And what matters?

If those seem like esoteric philosophical questions, I sympathize. I spent many hours studying philosophers whose views seemed utterly disconnected from the important things in my life.

And so when I had an opportunity to converse with Jamie Woodhouse, a leading proponent of a philosophy (or is it an mental operating system?) called Sentientism,...

How to Talk So People Will Excel: Tom Reid on PYP 491

Nov 16 • 01:12:08
Why do we communicate with other people?

There are many reasons: to build a relationship, to exchange information, to flirt, to teach, to argue, to convince, to comfort... The list isn't endless, but it's pretty long.

One of the most common is to coordinate activity toward a goal or outcome. We talk to others to brainstorm and plan approaches, to coordinate tasks and depende...

Batteries Made from Plants?: Virginia Klausmeier on PYP 490

Nov 9 • 01:03:05
The climate crisis is finally getting front-page coverage from much of the mass media, thanks to extreme weather events, wildfires, ecosystems collapse, and crop failures.

And the scientific reports come out seemingly on a weekly basis, each one more dire than the last.

So what can we do about it?

Mostly, I think in terms of political and social activism. Like that of my gues...

The Journey of Conscious Living: Bianca and Michael Alexander on Plant Yourself 489

Nov 2 • 59:31
Bianca and Michael Alexander travel the world and share some of the most optimistic, loving, and inspiring people, places, events, and stories with their audience.

And now that their self-produced show, Conscious Living, is on PBS, they are scaling their influence in beautiful and healing ways.

In our conversation, we talk about the first PBS season, and the choices, constra...

Civil Disobedience, Groundwater, and Defending a Living Planet: Skye-Anne Tschoepe on PYP 488

Oct 26 • 58:48
Skye-Anne Tschoepe is an environmental scientist and activist, and daughter of my good buddy Greg. She and her work have been on my radar since 2018, when at the age of 17, she received a license to hold a TEDx event in her North Carolina town. The topic: "ASK: questions are more important than answers."

Through Greg's Facebook feed, I've followed Skye-Anne's career over th...

Healthy Enough and Vegan Enough: Dreena Burton on PYP 487

Oct 19 • 01:12:07
Dreena Burton's first appearance on this podcast was in May, 2013, before this even was a podcast. I was just interviewing my favorite vegan cookbook authors just for the fun of it - I hadn't even figured out that I could get their publishers to send me free copies!

Then we had another chat in 2015 when her game-changing book, Plant Powered Families, came out in 2015.

Well, ...

Building Multi-Faith Community Through Music: James Pollard Jr. and Harold Messinger on PYP 486

Oct 12 • 46:49
James Pollard, Jr. and Harold Messinger are co-founders and musical directors of the Interfaith Music Project. They have brought together musicians from several of Philadelphia's houses of worship, and organize ongoing collaborations and performances.

I've known Harold since 1993, when he was my boss at a Jewish summer camp in the Poconos of Northeastern Pennsylvania. In th...

Upcycling Food to Stop Climate Change: Caroline Cotto on PYP 485

Oct 5 • 29:59
Caroline Cotto insists she was destined to go into the food business. With a last name meaning "cooked" in Italian, and growing up in Sandwich, MA, I guess it's hard to argue.

And a good thing she's here, too. Caroline is cofounder and COO of Renewal Mill, a company dedicated to tackling the issue of food waste by upcycling perfectly good plant-based ingredients from tofu a...

Bringing Lifestyle Medicine to Black Women: Aajay Shah and Meryl Fury on PYP 484

Sep 29 • 01:03:22
Meryl Fury, RN, and Aajay Shah, MD, have teamed up to fight obesity and chronic disease among Black women in America.

The statistics are horrifying: Black women live, on average, 4-5 years fewer than white women. Their rate of obesity is 55%, making them the most overweight demographic in the country.

And as women go, so go children; there's now an epidemic of childhood obes...

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