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Pixels from a Crime Scene

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The screen goes dark for a second. The room is in shadow. Somewhere, a child is crying. From the glittering headquarters of global tech giants to the darkest corners of online chatrooms, the Internet Watch Foundation takes you down the rabbit hole, lifting the lid on the global scandal of countlessRead more

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It's not too big a problem to solve (Episode 6)

May 10 • 33:54

You shut down the laptop and watch the screen go black. What we’ve learned together has been shocking. ...

The industry can't solve it alone (Episode 5)

May 1 • 34:32

Behind the screen, a battle is raging. You can’t see it. You may not even know it’s taking place. That’s the point....

It's not all on the dark web (Episode 4)

Apr 19 • 34:27

So, you think videos and pictures of children being sexually abused and raped only exist on the dark web? Think again. ...

If you're watching, you're an offender (Episode 3)

Apr 12 • 30:40

The problem we are facing is staggering. Some experts warn 1% of the entire male population could have an interest in sex with prepubescent children....

It's not just an image (Episode 2)

Apr 12 • 30:13

It’s a global industry, and it preys on children. ...

There's no such thing as child pornography (Episode 1)

Apr 12 • 38:36

A young man closes his laptop. He checks his phone. He ties his trainers. He’s on his way out to meet some mates. He is also a sexual predator. ...

Coming Soon - Pixels from a Crime Scene (Trailer 3)

Apr 7 • 00:53

At any one time, up to 100,000 men in the UK are looking at images and videos of children being sexual abused online. Who are they? ...

Coming Soon - Pixels from a Crime Scene (Trailer 2)

Mar 30 • 00:58

Online child sexual abuse material is a huge problem, and it's growing. There could be as many as 45 million images online of children suffering sexual abuse. Join us in this brand new six-episode podcast series as we talk to those working on the front-line of the battle against child sexual abuse onlline.

Subscribe and check back on 13 April 2020 for the first three episo...

Coming Soon - Pixels from a Crime Scene (Trailer 1)

Mar 26 • 00:38

Pixels from a Crime Scene. A new 6-part podcast series exploring the dark world of online child sexual abuse and those trying to stop it. The Internet Watch Foundation works tirelessly to fight the sharing of explicit images and videos of child sexual abuse and we talk to those on the front line.

Subscribe and check back on 13 April 2020 for the first three episodes.

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