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Pivot with Jenny Blake

Business • Religion-and-spirituality

What’s next for your career and creative projects? Embrace fear, insecurity, imperfection, and intuition as the superpowers they are while pivoting.Join Jenny Blake, author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, for intimate conversations with authors and friends on findingRead more

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268: Decoding Greatness with Ron Friedman

Nov 28 • 30:48

"For generations, we’ve been taught there are two ways to succeed—either from talent or practice." My guest today, Ron Friedman, shares a powerful third path: reverse engineering. In this conversation you will learn how to unpack others' success to spark breakthrough ideas of your own, with an original twist....

267: Tracking Wonder with Jeffrey Davis

Nov 14 • 44:06

Are you tuned into radio station WRRY, playing your "downer mind's" favorite hits? If so, Jeffrey Davis is here to help you shift from worry into wonder. Today we're talking about his new book, Tracking Wonder: Reclaiming a Life of Meaning and Possibility in a World Obsessed with Productivity (Sounds True, November 2021)....

266: Are You High Net Freedom?

Oct 31 • 15:05

This is a special preview from my forthcoming book: Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business (launches March 22, 2022). I talk in Pivot about pivoters being high net growth; Free Timers optimize for another central value: high net freedom,...

265: Free Time Crossover — Eliminate Email with Cal Newport

Oct 17 • 55:33

Thank you for your patience as I've been in deep work hibernation mode behind the scenes! I launched my new podcast Free Time in March of this year, and I'm really excited to bring you a crossover episode, one of the early listener favorites with Cal Newport on his latest book, A World Without Email. I also *just* sent my next book to the printer, which I was honored to ha...

264: Embrace Your Onlyness with Nilofer Merchant

Jun 6 • 46:36

What is the difference between uniqueness and Onlyness? Nilofer Merchant is here to help us figure out how the room changes when we walk in, how to turn feeling othered or overworked into opportunities to help ourselves and everyone around us shine....

263: Conduct a Relationship Audit with Ximena Vengoechea

May 23 • 48:08

With exhaustion and empathy fatigue encroaching upon so many of us, perhaps it's time to take a relationship audit: who are the takers in your life and work, and who are the energizers? Equally important, how are you showing up for others?...

261: Cosmic Health—Why Your Wound is Your Wisdom with Jennifer Racioppi

Apr 18 • 41:38

What’s your sun, moon, and rising? That’s the shorthand for our inner blueprint, created the moment each of us took our first breath, based on where the planets were in the sky. In this conversation, we’re talking about her brand new book Cosmic Health: Unlock Your Healing Magic with Astrology, Positive Psychology, and Integrative Wellness....

260: Everyday Rituals and the 'Sparkling of the Sacred' with Casper ter Kuile

Apr 4 • 47:56

Casper ter Kuile is helping to build a world of joyful belonging. He is the author of The Power of Ritual and the co-host of the award-winning podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. Casper is a Ministry Innovation Fellow at Harvard Divinity School and the co-founder of startup Sacred Design Lab - a research and design consultancy working to create a culture of belonging...

259: Introducing Free Time with Jenny Blake!

Mar 21 • 25:47

Hi Friends! As I mentioned in the last solo episode, my team and I have been hard at work creating a brand new podcast that will run in parallel to Pivot! I'm thrilled to welcome you to Free Time — your home for Heart-Based Business....

258: Big Things Brewing + the Power of Tiny Sprints

Feb 28 • 21:02

Hi Friends! I’m back with another “staycation” solo episode on what I’ve been up to. It’s a quick take on systems to support seasons of retreat for creativity and rest, my favorite books of the year so far, and a peek into my forthcoming projects....

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