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Pinkalicious & Peterrific


Join Pinkalicious and her little brother Peter as they sing along to their favorite songs from the hit PBS Kids show, Pinkalicious and Peterrific. Each episode you’ll go on a pinkcredible adventures – dancing, singing and making believe with the pinka-tastic sister and brother podcast hosts,Read more

Popular episodes

S1 EP10 Answering Your Questions

Dec 23 • 16:17

Pinkalicious and Peter answer some important questions sent in by listeners--from what it’s like to have a unicorn for a close friend to ideas for falling asleep at night....

S1 EP9 Listening Up Close

Dec 16 • 14:09

Pinkalicious and Peter enjoy using Mommy’s new invention, “The Listening Magnifier-izer,” to make quiet sounds loud (and loud sounds even louder!)....

S1 EP8 Painting the Day Away

Dec 9 • 15:10

Pinkalicious and Peter are having an art day! While making new pink-amazing creations, they sing about some other masterpieces they’ve created with their friends and family....

S1 EP7 Performing in the Park

Dec 2 • 14:26

While waiting for the Pinkville Band to start their performance, Pinkalicious and Peter decide to make their OWN concert using sounds that are all around them!...

S1 EP6 Planning the Pinkaperfect Party

Nov 25 • 13:11

Pinkalicious and Peter are planning a very special party for a super-secret guest! As they offer clues to help listeners guess who the guest is, they sing some party-tastic songs about some of their favorite past celebrations....

S1 EP5 Making Believe Before Breakfast

Nov 18 • 14:59

It’s early in the morning, but Pinkalicious and Peter are up and ready to make believe! What kinds of pinkatastic things will they pretend to be? Knights, dogs, or maybe even cows riding a scooter around the moon?!...

S1 EP4 Creating Something New

Nov 11 • 14:07

Pinkalicious and Peter have created a brand-new invention--a pair of gloves that help them lift very heavy objects. As they think about the perfect name for their new invention, they sing about some of the other pinkcredible things they’ve enjoyed making!...

S1 EP3 Singing Away the Blues

Nov 4 • 13:53

Pinkalicious and Peter really wanted to play outside, but when rain gets in the way of their fun, they decide to express their sad feelings through song....

S1 EP2 Dancing Out Loud

Oct 28 • 13:07

Put on your favorite dancing shoes and dance along with Pinkalicious and Peter as they move like a robot, do a duck-dance, and jump for joy!...

S1 EP1 Coloring Together

Oct 28 • 14:38

It’s coloring time! Pinkalicious and Peter talk about their favorite colors while using them to draw some pink-credible pictures. With so many awesome colors to choose from, how can you pick just one favorite?...

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