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Picture This: Photography Podcast

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Chelsea and Tony Northrup's photography podcast - dig deep into the history, science, and personalities of photography.

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Ghost photo TRICKS, Truths, & History

Oct 29 • 12:24

On this spooky episode of the Picture This! photography podcast, Chelsea & Tony Northrup talk about ghost phots, orbs, spirits, ectoplasm, and other spooky things caught on camera. The original spirit photographer, Mumler, is discussed. Abe Lincolns ghost is seen. And every type of ghost photo is analyzed, dissected, and explained so that you can recreate a ghost photo of ...

STOP buying bad gear

Sep 30 • 22:47

We've made some mistakes buying gear: grey market lenses that couldn't be fixed, flakey adapters, off-brand batteries, the list goes on. We've also received many messaged and emails from YOU that outline how common it is to buy the wrong camera, incompatible lenses, features that don't work, and more. On this episode of the Picture This! Photography podcast, Chelsea & Tony...

Polaroid's Rise, Fall, and Revival

Sep 29 • 15:08

Polaroid started with a patent and a toddler's simple question, "Why can't I see the photo now?", and became one of the biggest companies in the world, suffered bankruptcy, turned into a multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme, and was saved by adoring fans. In this episode of the Picture This! Photography podcast, Tony Northrup and Chelsea Northrup take you through the highligh...

Crappy Camera Hacks (that actually work)

Sep 3 • 24:25

They aren't pretty, you probably shouldn't try them, but these crappy camera/photo hacks actually got the job done! In this episode of the Picture This! Photography podcast Tony and Chelsea discuss the worst camera/photo hacks they've used to work around the mistakes that arise when you're out taking photos. Some of them are shameful, like using a table as a tripod, and so...

Dear Clients, Photographers deserve FAIR PAY and...

Sep 3 • 20:23

Talent Isn't Enough!

Jul 31 • 28:28

We've all seen naturally talented photographers take beautiful photos with ease but is that enough to support an entire career? In this episode of Picture This! Photography podcast, Tony & Chelsea discuss the many traits of successful photographers and how it takes much more than talent to have a successful career. If you are naturally talented, don't let overlooking other...

Why Canon will always be #1

Jul 19 • 27:30

Camera Features YOU DON'T NEED

Jun 28 • 23:55

 We all see the latest and greatest features advertised every time a new camera comes out but which features actually work and which ones will you benefit from having? In this episode of the Picture This! Photography podcast, Tony and I delve into each feature we have tested, the ones that have disappointed us, the ones we love, and the ones that aren't needed for certain ...

Bucket List Photography Goals

Jun 12 • 20:50

Break These Photography Rules!

May 28 • 19:45

You've learned the rules of photography: the rule-of-thirds, how to level a photo, and how to use your shutter speed to FREEZE action. But have you learned when to break the rules to create more interesting photos? In this episode of Picture This! Tony and Chelsea talk about the most common photography rules and HOW, WHEN, & WHY to break them. We'll also talk about how bre...

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