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Katherine Ann Byam of Dieple Helps Companies Transition to Sustainability

Nov 15 • 37:53

Katherine Ann Byam brings people to think about sustainability, the after-effects connected to small choices, and reimagining capitalism. Katherine is the founder and CEO of Dieple, a data-driven consultancy firm that helps companies with their triple bottom line to thrive with purposeful, sustainable work. The initiative values creating the capacity for people to transiti...

House of Eden Studio Markets Social Enterprise Services with Rachel Whitworth

Sep 1 • 36:28

Rachel Whitworth leads the House of Eden Studio, a marketing and consulting agency supporting non-profits and social impact businesses.

She speaks about measuring, communicating, and showcasing impact cultivated through the good business of social entrepreneurship. Rachel is also a catalyst behind Hello Good World, a way for social enterprises to efficiently measure their i...

Ever Widening Circles Part II: Gratitude Economy

Aug 13 • 42:17

Dr. Lynda Ulrich of Ever Widening Circles share insight into this emerging gratitude economy and how we can transform our world with how we direct our attention.

Dr. Lynda gives her observation on how we're scanning the world at all times now for who can help us survive and thrive. That search and leaning into goodness combined to spark the emerging gratitude economy. Movin...

Amanda Greenwood Creates Change that Blossoms with Petals that Inspire

Aug 5 • 36:18

Amanda Greenwood of Petals that Inspire reveals how combining passion and purpose sets the foundation for a thriving social enterprise.

She discusses working with youth, building a business with passion and purpose, and staying connected to the community through her love of flower arrangement. Amanda shares how Petals that Inspire brings value to the community with the crea...

Kiss Nuka Shows Life Unfolding in a Story of Music, Artistry, and Activism

Jul 31 • 57:41

Kiss Nuka speaks about artistry and activism, sharing her insight into creativity, empowering people, and connecting work to social impact.

Kiss Nuka tells her personal story of finding her passion towards social impact concerns, along with her realization of the importance of having a community. People sometimes have some skill, talent, or perspective within themselves tha...

David Aspinall, CEO of Auticon US, Leads with Great Tech Employment for Autism

Jul 23 • 33:10

David Aspinall, CEO of Auticon US shares how companies can thrive hiring employees on the spectrum who excel in technology.

Auticon is a technology company focused on creating jobs for people with autism by tapping into their natural skills and abilities. As the company developed, they found a great model for those on the spectrum to overcome barriers to employment and thri...

Saif Ali of Dastgyr Explains the Opportunities for Digital B2B Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Jul 16 • 36:43

Dr. Lynda Ulrich of Ever Widening Circles Shares the Four Shifts for a New World

Jul 9 • 52:37

Dr. Lynda of Ever Widening Circles Takes You Through the Four Shifts Needed to See an Entirely Different World on Media Platforms.  She lays out principles of changing how you interact with the internet to get a different response from the algorithm, and plug into a greater worldview....’s Tony Rothacker Builds Bridges Between Generations

Jul 1 • 28:47

Tony Rothacker is the co-founder at, which provides job opportunities to youth and empowers elders to use technology better.

Tony Rothacker speaks about keeping open communication and discusses building mutual benefit into a social enterprise. Youth assist elders with learning new technology they may need to interact with the world, or programs they may need he...

Breakthrough Accelerator’s Allison Chaney Advises Social Entrepreneurs on Influence with Emotional Intelligence

Jun 25 • 41:24

Allison Chaney CEO of the Breakthrough Accelerator imagines the world and business being a place where we can go-exist mindfully.

Breakthrough Accelerator is a business accelerator that helps create stronger efforts through intentional business development and accelerating results. She talked about the valuable impact that can occur for initiatives both internally and exter...

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