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The People and Projects Podcast, where we bring interviews and insights to help you deliver projects and lead teams.

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PPP 343 | How to Cultivate Change at Work by Thinking Like a Gardener, Not a Mechanic

Nov 20 • 50:30

We’re continuing a series of episodes on the topic of change. Back in episode 339 we talked with Katy Milkman about her book How to Change, which provided some helpful insights into the behavioral science of change....

PPP 342 | Change Your Words and You Can Change Your Team and Your Career, with Krister Ungerbock

Nov 12 • 39:51

It’s interesting to me how little changes can have outsized benefits. For example, how something is said. There’s a difference between a boss saying, “You can hit this date, right?” and “Here’s what we need to get done. How much time do you think this would take? What do you need from me to make that happen?”...

PPP 341 | The Pushy Project Manager, with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

Oct 29 • 38:43

Part of leading and directing projects is influencing--ethically using the tools and techniques at our disposal to deliver the intended results. Could it be that, at times, we might even need to be a bit pushy? That's something that my guest mentions here in episode 341....

PPP 340 | Why You Should 80-20 Everything, with Perry Marshall

Oct 13 • 48:28

You’ve certainly heard of the Pareto Principle, right? It’s the 80-20 rule that says, for example, 80% of the value of our projects comes from 20% of the scope....

PPP 339 | The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, with Katy Milkman

Oct 9 • 48:09

There's a change you’ve probably been wanting to make. It could be that you know what to do. The problem is doing it. Remembering it. Following through. And perhaps not beating yourself up because you haven’t made progress....

PPP 338 | The Difference Between Kindness and Niceness—and the ROI of Kindness

Sep 23 • 33:57

Is it possible to be too nice? Is niceness the same as kindness? In today’s discussion, we’re going to drill in on that idea. I’m excited to introduce you to Brian Biro who wrote a book entitled The ROI of Kindness....

PPP 337 | How Hands-On Should You Stay? Johanna Rothman on Management

Sep 15 • 43:17

One of my favorite voices in the world of leading and delivering is Johanna Rothman. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Johanna for a couple of decades now and throughout that time she’s been a clear voice in how I think about managing teams and projects. And her writing, coaching, and consulting have helped project teams around the world....

PPP 336 | Project Success Rates Suck. Here’s What To Do About It, With Clint Padgett

Sep 8 • 40:49

Let’s say a boss comes up to you and says, “Hey, our senior leadership team just authorized this big new project. I’m assigning it to you and need it delivered in the next 14 weeks. We’re counting on you. Good luck!”...

PPP 335 | How To Improve Your Ability To Think, With Acclaimed Science Writer Annie Murphy Paul

Aug 31 • 42:50

Today we're having a discussion about the brain. Actually, it’s more than that--we’re going to talk about how a lot of what we think we know about the brain might just not be so!...

PPP 334 | Beyond The Pandemic: Preparing For The Next Rogue Wave, With Futurist Jonathan Brill

Aug 24 • 31:45

We’re continuing a series of episodes on the topic of the future. It’s hard to imagine that we can be effective at leading others if we’re not forward-thinking....

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