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Pattern Recognition ties together insights across world-class venture capitalists, private equity investors, and startup founders as they invest and manage billions of dollars of capital. Join our host, John Hu, as we dig into the patterns that senior decisionmakers look for as they move marketsRead more

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Arianna Huffington - Founder of HuffPost & Thrive Global - Work Life Harmony

Dec 13 • 38:50

Arianna shares concrete tips on how to excel as a world-class entrepreneur....

Spencer Rascoff - Founder at Zillow - Early Network Effects

Aug 23 • 38:43

After founding Hotwire and Zillow, Spencer Rascoff is back building dot.LA to support the LA tech ecosystem. Spencer reflects on how the Zillow team kickstarted its early network effects and how it differentiated in consumers' minds with the 'Zestimate'. Spencer also shares how he approaches his board work with Zulilly, TripAdvisor and Palantir with a focus on scaling and ...

Jake Schwartz - Founder at General Assembly - The Entrepreneurial Journey

Mar 8 • 52:59

The founder's journey is as exciting as it is terrifying. Jake Schwartz, CEO/Founder at General Assembly, and I reflect on his winding path while we dive deep into the operational complexities of maintaining quality student outcomes at scale. Having pioneered the coding bootcamp space, Jake shares the key KPIs he gauges to drive the health of the business as well as his re...

Leah Solivan - Founder at TaskRabbit - Marketplace KPIs

Jan 3 • 41:13

What are the key KPIs that drive the world's leading task marketplace? Leah Solivan, Founder and Former CEO of TaskRabbit, reflects on the operational metrics that define a successful marketplace on both the supply- and demand-side. We also chat about her reflections on TaskRabbit’s exit to IKEA. And lastly, Leah and I discuss what she looks for in startups now that she’s ...

Brian Halligan - Founder at HubSpot - Demandgen Flywheels

Dec 11 • 33:22

With a $6bn+ market cap, HubSpot has revolutionized marketing. Brian Halligan, HubSpot's CEO and Founder, and I sit down to discuss how the entire customer experience, from discovery to post-purchase, is the defining factor of winning companies today. From there, we discuss what exactly a demandgen flywheel is and how to build one through inbound and content-driven marketi...

Elie Seidman - CEO at Tinder - The Future of Dating

Nov 21 • 50:57

Tinder pioneered the dating app market. But where does it go from here and how does it maintain its dominant market position? Elie Seidman, CEO at Tinder, and I discuss how the company has gone from introducing 'swiping' to college campus to becoming a global phenomenon. Additionally, we talk all about user alignment, specifically in the context of the KPIs that drive Tind...

Reshma Saujani - Founder at Girls Who Code - Bridging the Gender Gap

Nov 5 • 30:22

Recently named by Fast Company as the most innovative non-profit in the world. Girls Who Code is on a mission to bridge the gender gap. Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO at GWC, shares how her and the team have worked with over 185,000 girls by partnering with governments and corporates alike. Reshma also reflects on the operational KPIs that have driven Girls Who Codes succ...

Phil DeSimone - Co-Founder at Carbon - 3D Printing

Oct 28 • 38:35

Having most recently raised at a $2.4bn valuation, Carbon is revolutionizing manufacturing by being the first to market with a breakthrough technology that makes 3D printing both scalable and affordable. Phil DeSimone, co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at Carbon, discusses how Carbon is differentiating in both technology and business model. By leveraging a recurring re...

David Gardner - Founder at The Motley Fool - Subscription Media

Oct 22 • 51:02

Having built one of the largest financial media conglomerates, David Gardner and his team are now 26 years into democratizing the stock market for the masses. As a firm believer in active management, David's portfolio of stock recommendations has consistently beat the market year after year. So in today's episode, David shares with us the key patterns he sees across his mo...

Chip Paucek - Founder at 2U - Revolutionizing Higher Ed

Oct 2 • 42:37

Having built one of the most successful billion-dollar edtech companies, Chip and his team at 2U made a pioneering bet that the future of education is online. Entering the industry with a disruptive business model: Chip and his team invest their own cash upfront during program implementation, instead negotiating revenue share agreements in a way that better aligns incentiv...

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