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Pat Gray pulls no punches, restoring common sense to a senseless world. Join Pat for unique analysis, insight, and fun. Watch Pat Gray Unleashed, Live Mon - Fri, 7- 9am ET on BlazeTV.

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Australia: Reality Show or Horror Flick? | 12/6/21

Dec 6 • 01:35:50

Rep. Rashida Tlaib really wants Joe Biden to completely void all student loan debt. Trump tried to infect Joe Biden at a debate? Biden’s voice has sounded a little … off lately. A man wears a fake arm to avoid getting the vaccine. Australia approves of blocking unvaccinated people from even buying food. We're not sure if Australia is a new reality show or a horror flick. T...

Bidenese 101 | More On Trivia: Kansas City vs. Denver | 12/3/21

Dec 3 • 01:35:01

More arguments are made about abortion and its morality. Joe Biden seemed to fall asleep right before a Christmas appearance. How about a lesson on how to speak our president’s language? Did Biden just say Fauci’s the president? Bill Nye the Science Guy is back alongside Biden to give a classic climate change, “build back better” message and list of things that will never ...

'Same Diff' | Guest: Hilary Kennedy | 12/2/21

Dec 2 • 01:35:18

The tired variant of Omicron continues to rage on, infecting people with a nice, full night of sleep. Fauci gets stumped when Doocy asks him why they also banned travel from African countries that don’t even have Omicron cases. The Jussie Smollett case has begun, in which he's been indicted for allegedly creating a hate crime hoax. We cannot keep up with all of the termino...

Kids These Days ... | 12/1/21

Dec 1 • 01:35:21

The school shooter in Michigan tried to lure students out of the classroom by acting like law enforcement. Enes Kanter Freedom has now officially become an American citizen. Nancy Mace completely contradicts herself, first promoting natural immunity on Fox, then going on CNN and promoting vaccines and masking. Jim Cramer wants to get the military involved to enforce mandat...

Preacher Wakes Up with Alien. Then It Gets Weird … | 11/30/21

Nov 30 • 01:28:50

Joe Biden assures that no more lockdowns will be necessary, as long as everyone gets vaccinated and boosted. Psaki seems stumped when pressed on Biden’s previous distaste for travel bans. The most popular governor in America turns out to be Phil Scott from Vermont. It looks like Matthew McConaughey has decided not to run for governor of Texas. Just how high is our current ...

The Tired Variant | 11/29/21

Nov 29 • 01:35:21

Another exciting weekend of college football, with a close victory for BYU. Did a car drive through the Waukesha Christmas parade, or did a person driving the car do it? Democrats are starting to talk about releasing all federal inmates from prison. A new variant has made its appearance from South Africa, the Omicron variant. Some might call it the tired variant. Prominent...

‘Vaccinated, Cured, or Dead’ | 11/24/21

Nov 24 • 01:34:55

Good morning, Americans, it’s Wednesday! Rioting has, as expected, started to break out over the Rittenhouse trial verdict. A Twitter timeline about Kyle Rittenhouse is shared. A German minister predicts that everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured, or dead by the end of this winter. A Guinness world record is set for largest nerf gun. Joe Biden plans to release oil ...

The Sin of Being 'Too Good' | 11/23/21

Nov 23 • 01:34:36

The man who drove through the Christmas parade in an SUV has been identified. Kyle Rittenhouse recounts what happened that night in Kenosha in an interview with Tucker Carlson. He also details how his time in jail was an interesting experience. Alex Jones has been subpoenaed over his situation with January 6. Days after the Rittenhouse verdict, and many people on the Left ...

An Equitable Acquittal | 11/22/21

Nov 22 • 01:34:53

Keith gets stung by a bee over the weekend? BYU is somehow still below Michigan State and Oregon, even after both of those teams got destroyed. An SUV drives right through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin. Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted of all charges, and the Left has gone crazy. Kamala Harris thinks there needs to be more "equity" in our justice system. Dr. Fauci is ...

‘Not Good.’ | More On Trivia: Buffalo vs. Indianapolis | 11/19/21

Nov 19 • 01:35:04

Ben Franklin visits again. "Build Back Better" vote coming today. We seem to be on the Joe Biden inflation roller coaster. Nancy Pelosi is seen hanging out at a bar, completely maskless. Jen Psaki claims Biden has answered twice as many questions as Trump did up until this point in his presidency. New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham (who also was accused of sexual assault...

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