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Past Lives & the Divine


Stories about past lives and connecting with our higher self, angels and spirit

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Experiencing Past Lives: The Gifts Of A Simple Life

Dec 3 • 01:00:59

Sarah Leverett facilitated another Past Life Regression for me nearly a month ago. So many juicy bits in this recording. Listen and let me know what you think or how you can relate!...

ORACLE: Lanterns + Intuition

Nov 26 • 41:25

This conversation meanders through the different symbolism both of us see when we think of the lantern. For Sarah, it's time alone and going within. For me it's a reminder about how intuition really works like a lantern. And we freak out because it's not like an overhead light you can switch on whenever you want to see everything going on. What does it mean to you?? Join us!...

Special Announcement: Kinship

Nov 24 • 55:21

Join Kinship for 2022! ...

Astro + Self Care: Using Sagittarius Energy

Nov 19 • 56:12

No matter where SAGITTARIUS falls on your birth chart, we all feel the energy....

Experiencing Beings Of Light

Nov 12 • 55:30

This episode starts off with me describing a few things that were confusing to me about this session - thankfully I figured it out -haha! Then we get into the recording and I added in a slice of the post trance part of the session where we debriefed just a little. Definitely one of those sessions that shakes us and over time the knowledge drops in, bubbles up, or however i...

Experiencing Past Lives: The Whale Princess

Nov 5 • 01:03:43

Kelly Smith from the Mindful in Minutes podcast and the Meditation Mama podcast is sharing the recording from her first Past Life Regression. Kelly was on the pod many moons ago talking about this PLR session with me. See that episode here. In the episode I said it was episode 12 but I was wrong - it's ep 15!...

Ghosts, Entities, Possession, Hauntings + More! A journey + discussion

Oct 29 • 01:13:00

This episode is so packed and I am overly excited to bring it to you! Here's how we're doing it: I open with an intro telling you about the recorded journey, the group, and a little sneak peak of what is coming for you in 2022 from Past Lives & the Divine....

Astro + Self Care: Using Scorpio Energy

Oct 22 • 01:03:10

No matter where SCORPIO falls on your birth chart, we all feel the energy....

ORACLE: Belonging

Oct 15 • 51:18

Sarah pulls a card and then she and I dive deep into the recesses of our minds and the whispers from our Guides to see what this card means to us - personally + the collective of pod listeners....

Interview: Sarah LouWho & Past Life Regression

Oct 8 • 01:03:04

Our conversation meanders all over and covers how she got into hypnosis, why she wanted to learn how to facilitate these sessions, how it's influenced her life, how she taps into her own intuition and how we've both evolved when it comes to haunted spaces and being able to clear them with less fear....

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