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Two young Aussies discuss the psychology, principles and practice of mastering your money to build a meaningful life.

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#37 | The most valuable skill you can master to make more money

Nov 19 • 37:41

Today's tech driven information age drives change at a pace that is dizzying. What you knew last year is obsolete this year. And that means the ability to pick up new things fast is superpower that makes you rare and valuable in todays global economy. ...

#36 How to get started and turn your business ideas into income

Nov 3 • 59:29

In the final episode of their series on 'business as a vehicle for wealth' Ryan and Terry pull out their biggest take-homes from the interviews with each mentor. They also give some insight into their own journey into business and how they're applying the lessons learned in their own business....

#35 SHOT: How to normalise failure and speed up success

Oct 19 • 19:29

In their next SHOT, Ryan and Terry delve into an idea from investing that can be used to normalise failure in order to speed up success when starting a business. Then, as a way to apply this idea they share a coveted decision making framework used by the worlds top military strategists, startup entrepreneurs, and athletes.

Also in this episode:...

#34 Kate Toon: How to manage the money side of business (and build generational wealth)

Oct 5 • 42:44

One of the biggest reasons people don't bet on themselves and build a business is because of not knowing how to manage the finances of a business. There's a whole new set of rules, and complexities that come with running your own shop - and it's all on you. Kate Toon knows this all too well. And she also knows how to overcome it. Kate is one of Australia's most successful,...

#33 SHOT - The choice that is slowing you down and stifling your success

Sep 21 • 20:35

In this episode, Ryan and Terry talk about one of the most common ways we self sabotage ourselves when it comes to our finances. In what feels like a delicate dance between pain and pleasure, we tend to choose wrongly, and the cost is progress and ultimately success. If you feel like you have a clear goal and have been working hard without really getting anywhere, you need...

#32 How to build a business that works FOR you (without killing yourself in the process)

Sep 8 • 01:05:11

Business can be a vehicle for wealth. It can also become a burden on your time, a drain on your finances, and a risk to your relationships. In this episode, Terry brings on one of his mentors to explore this tension and how to deal with it. Lachlan Smith stepped off the career ladder to build a 60 person civil engineering company from scratch. He's tackled many of the toug...

#31 SHOT: How to let go of the sunk costs that are holding you back

Aug 23 • 16:55

Change is hard. Especially when it feels like you have to let go of something you've invested alot of time, money and emotional labour to build. In the first of their short SHOT style episodes (Short Hit Of Teaching), Ryan and Terry explore the concept of sunk costs and how they hold us back. Then, they share three powerful strategies for getting out of our own way and mak...

#30 Ray Corcoran: How to face failure and fear when starting out in business

Aug 9 • 53:43

Starting out in business can be scary. There are so many unknowns, and even if you're excellent at what you do, business is a skill set that must be mastered in addition. As part of their short series on business, Ryan and Terry chat with Ray Corcoran. Ray is a business growth consultant with a colourful business story....

#29 How to fast track financial independence (and find more meaning in your work)

Jul 19 • 01:05:26

 If you really study wealth for long enough and go deep enough, you'll start to see a clear pattern. And this pattern relates to how the 'self made' types use their time and talent to earn money. It just so happens to be the quickest and most rewarding route also. In this episode we reveal the fast lane to financial independence that most personal finance gurus refuse to t...

#28 How to face your financial fears together with your partner

Jun 29 • 48:52

Facing your financial fears as a couple can feel daunting and even dangerous. In this episode, Terry chats with Sarah and David Thwaites. Their story is a powerful example of how couples can move through the challenge that comes with change. In the space of a little over a year, they've gone from suffering separately in silence to meeting weekly to manage their money and m...

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