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Will and Mango have lots of questions. Will we ever live without sleep? How do rats keep outsmarting humans? Where are the sunniest tax havens to hide your money? Join these Part-Time Geniuses as they dive into ridiculous topics... and discover some pretty smart stuff along the way.

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Force Multiplier EP 1: Nutrition Insecurity, the Most Powerful Determinant of Health

Oct 7 • 34:12

It's not just a matter of food. It's a matter of nutrition. If Nutrition is the most powerful determinant of health, then why do over 40 million Americans have trouble putting food on the table? If access to nutritious food is required for optimal growth and development, how do we safeguard our children’s future by addressing hidden hunger in our communities? The good news...

9 Surprising Things Invented by Women

Mar 8 • 21:59

Bright Lights, Big Snake Plant

Oct 13 • 28:33

Host Mangesh Hattikudur talks with friends and experts about how to build a vibrant and gorgeous garden in the least likely place: in the middle of a bustling city. With special guests, Ursula Chanse and Kadeesha Williams of the New York Botanical Garden’s Bronx Green-Up Program, Mangesh learns about the magic and majesty of urban community gardens. Instagram’s Plant Anna ...

What's the World's Most Ridiculous Video Game?

Sep 1 • 29:53

Remember how fun it was to save up your quarters and go to the arcade? These are the games you didn't want to play. From the Tetris sequel that features Abe Lincolns and Frankensteins, to a game that somehow blends Honey, I Shrunk the Kids with an anti-smoking campaign, to the greatest (maybe only?) game based on Noah's Ark; Will, Gabe and Mango try to out-do each other wi...

What's the Correct Way for a Queen to Eat a Banana?

Aug 21 • 31:41

Ever wonder what the Royal family's preferred way to eat fruit is? Or why the British Monarchy insists on weighing dinner guests before a meal? Or what type of humor makes the Windsors the happiest (spoiler: it's plane humor.) Join Will, Gabe and Mango as we serve up a boatload of royally silly facts. ...

What's So Bad about the Philistines?

May 1 • 28:09

When Mango's kids show off their bad table manners, he scolds them for being Philistines... but do the Philistines actually deserve their bad rap? Was Goliath the actual underdog? And why did someone make a video game that featured them? Will, Gabe and Mango answer one of the most important question on everyone's minds in today's 9 Things: What's so bad about the Philistines?...

9 Weird Things Hiding Underground

Apr 20 • 28:35

9 Absurd Inventions You (Probably) Won't See on Shark Tank

Apr 7 • 23:33

9 Stompy Facts about Godzilla

Apr 3 • 28:39

Gabe loves monster moves! And Will and Mango... tolerate them. But, it turns out, we all love facts about Godzilla. From how Godzilla changed paleontology, to the giant monster's (secret) signature move, to why flattened buildings aren't the worst part of a Godzilla attack, this episode we tip our hats to the King of the Monsters....

How did P. T. Barnum Trick the World into Riding Elevators?

Mar 30 • 40:05

Elevators seem pretty mundane, until you realize a certain king used them to hide his mistresses; a certain politician used them to exaggerate the height of his buildings, and all of America refused to ride them until a certain marketing genius (the one and only P. T. Barnum!) designed a stunt to get everyone on board. ...

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