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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without aRead more

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Mount Rushmore Season Is Back, David Baker, Bucks Parade And Fyre Fest

Jul 23 • 01:37:22
Bucks Parade was awesome and our goal now is to win a Title (00:02:29 - 00:09:52). Texas and Oklahoma are trying to join the SEC and Jerry Jones will do literally anything for a Super Bowl (00:09:52 - 00:21:35_. Mt Rushmore season returns and we do the Mt Rushmore of team names you would eat and bonus mt rushmore of mascots you would eat in pro sports (00:21:35 - 00:45:17)...

The Bucks Are NBA Champs, Collin Morikawa Joins The Show + Bezos & Guys on Chicks

Jul 21 • 01:36:40
The Milwaukee Bucks are NBA Champs. Giannis has an all time legendary performance and we break down Game 6. Chris Paul comes up short again and the Bucks are a super likeable champion (00:03:04 - 00:24:21). Hot Seat Cool Throne including Jeff Bezos taking his cock rocket to space (00:24:21 - 00:52:07). Open Champion Collin Morikawa joins the show to talk about his second m...

Bucks 1 Win Away, Collin Morikawa Wins The Open, And The Boys Go To The Movies To Review Space Jam 2

Jul 19 • 01:30:39
The Bucks are 1 win away from an NBA Title. We recap an incredible Game 5, Milwaukees Big 3, is Chris Paul a scumbag and tons more (00:03:17- 00:29:41). Collin Morikawa wins The Open Championship and we're happy for him and other golf talk (00:29:41 - 00:37:03). F1 recap, and its turning into a This League situation (00:37:03 - 00:47:45). Who's back of the week (00:47:45 -...

Bucks Tie It Up, Bryson Is A Baby, Kentucky Sports Radio Callers & Fyre Fest Of The Week

Jul 15 • 01:34:21
The Bucks tie up the series and we recap a wild game 4. Giannis block, Chris Paul is hurt or drunk or something and Khris Middleton's legacy games are starting to add up ( 00:21:08 - 00:21:08). Bryson trashes his golf clubs and blames everyone but himself (00:21:08 - 00:28:25). PR 101 Mike Silver is now working for the WFT (00:28:25 - 00:34:16). Kentucky Sports Radio day i...

Christian Yelich, Pete Alonso’s Derby Pitcher Dave Jauss & Big Ben’s Diet

Jul 14 • 02:16:52
Home Run Derby sucked but we watched anyway (00:02:23 - 00:08:38). Big Ben is on a diet and also the most persecuted athlete of all time (00:08:38 - 00:18:57). Team USA sucks (00:18:57 - 00:26:06). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Billy’s QB tiers (00:26:06 -00:45:49). Christian Yelich joins the show to catch up, talk about his 2021, chugging beers, getting kicked out of a g...

NBA Finals, UFC & Conor McGregor, Euro Finals With Troopz And Segments

Jul 12 • 01:36:45
Huge sports weekend. We recap NBA Finals Game 3, Giannis puts up 40 again and we have a series (00:02:18 - 00:12:10). UFC and is this the end of Conor McGregor's career (00:12:10 - 00:24:19). Euro Final and the Waterdogs are good again (00:24:19 - 00:32:46). Who's back of the week including Djokovic and Sharks (00:32:46 - 00:49:05). Troopz joins the show to talk about the ...

Ryen Russillo, Andre Drummond And Suns In 4

Jul 9 • 02:05:55
Suns in 4 is still on. Giannis had an incredible Game 2 but got no help from his teammates. The Suns are playing insane basketball(00:02:40-00:15:55). Tampa Bay Lightning take home the Stanley Cup (00:15:55-00:24:04). Euro Finals and bonus fantasy fucklads (00:24:04-00:30:32). Ryen Russillo joins the show to talk NBA Finals, his writing career, and being a guy (00:30:32-01...

Ja Morant, Stu Feiner, Suns In 4 And Joey Chestnut Is The Goat

Jul 7 • 02:12:12
Suns in 4 is back on, we pause to give the Bucks some credit because they got overshadowed by July 4th (00:02:24-00:12:55). The Match happened and it was extremely awkward (00:12:55-00:21:31). Talking Soccer (00:21:31-00:29:34). Who's back of the week with guest producers Jake and Youngstown Bob (00:29:34-00:45:29). Ja Morant joins the show to talk about his new documentar...

Dungeons & Dragons, Chris Paul To The Finals, Brooke Lopez Respect Tour, NIL & Fyre Fest

Jul 2 • 01:59:29
Brooke Lopez is our new King as the Bucks take a series lead (00:02:48 - 00:09:16). The Suns get to the Finals and Chris Paul's legacy game. Ballmer acted nuts and Pat Beverley went out with a bang (00:09:16 - 00:28:41). NIL talk and our first sponsored athlete, AOC (00:28:41 - 00:36:29). Bryson's caddy quits on him and the question of whether we should feel bad at all is ...

Roger Bennett, Joe Tessitore, NBA Playoffs Have Been Cancelled And We Rank Greek Things

Jun 30 • 01:58:24
The NBA playoffs have been cancelled after another injury (00:02:40 - 00:08:39). The Clippers are tough as shit and the Suns may be in trouble even though we're a Suns podcast (00:08:39 - 00:14:06). Talking Stanley Cup Final and Talking Soccer (00:14:06 - 00:24:00). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat Jinx and WFT new CEO (00:24:00 - 00:44:07). Roger Bennett joins the s...

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