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Wellness, Fitness, French Holism & Lifestyle, a trés gangster-chic Podcast. Hosted by Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny, live from Monte-Carlo, Monaco. On this show you'll find a mix of audio entertainment including listener and audience questions answered about fitness, health, wellness, lifestyle, familyRead more

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Ep45: You can Fuck your life or Go French Yourself! á la carte - Chapter 12 of FUCK MY LIFE Audible

Sep 25 • 01:24:09
On today’s episode, Ingrid catches you up on the past few months, after a long hiatus from PMD podcast. The hate, the trolls, the harassment, and how you should Go French Yourself, thru it all. She also reads Chapter 12 of FUCK MY LIFE, her book (now available on Amazon) : Life after Prison. And all the lessons learnt. Purchase Fuck My Life: The Memoir of a Chic Gangster o...

Ep.44: Let’s get spiritual & tap into your intuition with Psychic Medium & Healer Tammy Franklin

May 11 • 02:01:06
On this episode Ingrid’s guest Tammy Franklin is a psychic medium and healer guides ingrid thru her past lives - Change your life with a conversation about Spiritual Power through intuition, past lives and transforming negative energies in your life into positive. The power of numbers, how to no longer consent to negative energy around us. Ingrid also discusses her study o...

Ep.43: FUCK MY LIFE - the memoir of a Chic Gangster - Narrating chapter 6: “You can’t sit with us”

Mar 17 • 58:56
Ingrid is now the author of FUCK MY LIFE - the Memoir of a Chic Gangster available on Amazon in kindle and hardcover #1 NEW RELEASE. In this episode reads chapter 6 in her own voice and narrates it a bit by answering reader questions - you can buy the book on amazon (every marketplace)…k+my+life&sr=8-1 You can order a signed copy on the website

Ep.42: UNSPONSORED AS FUCK ! Business tips and tricks to building your brand

Oct 30 • 01:37:42
This episode is devoted to business (ON POPULAR DEMAND) ! Ingrid shares her journey(s) with an S trials and errors, her strongest asset: Not being driven by fear of failure, being driven by fear of regret instead... She shares my tips and tricks to launch fast and adjust later, how She built her brand based on my story and building my story brand, defining her customers as...

Ep.41: meet THE BITCH BEHIND your sluggish metabolism: THE THYROID. Let’s talk hormones

Aug 20 • 01:15:26
On this episode Ingrid explores hormones in depth. All your efforts to eat healthy, extreme diets, switching diets, getting on new workout programs and nothing works? Your thyroid may be to blame. If your metabolism is sluggish you may get your levels tested, but doctors tell you you are fine and middle range. Your intuition tells you something is wrong ... maybe you shoul...


Aug 7 • 01:17:21
In today’s Episode Ingrid assesses a current issue she is facing with a woman who has been attacking her, harassing her, copying her and using her criminal past to SLAPP her with a faulty cease and desist in an attempt to SILENCE HER ! Ingrid’s guest Chandra Justice is a FEDERAL CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY & Simply Inulin adept CHANDRA JUSTICE. They discuss the illegality of...

Ep.39 Simply Inulin Latte & a slice of humble pie with TheSkinnyConfidential Lauryn EVARTS BOSSTICK

Jun 23 • 01:18:06
In this episode Ingrid and her bestie Lauryn EVARTS BOSSTICK invite you into their living rooms and share their real-life real-talk conversation about how ego is the enemy of success, post-pregnancy weight-loss hurdles, French Etiquette, hormonal mind-fucks & fond memories of their time together in the South Of France. Show Notes: Follow Ingrid on Instagram at


Jun 10 • 02:20:17
On this episode Ingrid welcomes her dear friend WILLIAM GEORGE TASWELL III, their friendship of 12 years + has been rich in emotions, successes, tears, 5 hours late Night phone calls hoping for the next best position in Fashion only to hear William be told he is “not the right fit” ... William is a black man, from suburban D.C., he has been the head of design for prestigio...

Ep.37: Quarantine is not fucking chic ! But here are some gangster tips to get by during Covid-19

Apr 3 • 01:44:21
In this episode Ingrid discussed the reality of quarantine, her ways of coping with them and dials listeners who navigate this quarantine and the shit that goes with it the best way they can. There are some insight about fear of economic loss, anxiety about loneliness, stress eating, old eating disorders creeping back slowly and silently, keeping it sexy and avoiding killi...

Ep.36: 5 coping mechanism tools to slay at not giving a FUCK

Mar 2 • 01:33:35
In this episode Ingrid discusses her 5 simple tools and coping mechanisms to live a gangster chic life if not giving a fuck. 1) how to never feel envy or jealousy ever again TOOL
2) woulda coulda shoulda “but what if not” tool
3) MIND over Body tool
4) The I Do not give a fuck tool and the subtle art of applying it in so many situations
5) The Simplify Tool of not-so-compl...

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