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Paranormal Thoughts Podcast explores the world of paranormal events through real people’s accounts. What makes this podcast different from others in the same category, is that we hear from the everyday experiencer. We want to give people a voice and express their views, emotions and stories on theRead more

Popular episodes

The Modern Day Ed & Lorraine Warren - Demonologist Interview Podcast

Oct 25 • 57:39
Chris and Harmony DeFlorio are helping families suffering from diabolical issues and delivering aftercare regarding the spiritual realm. They have committed their lives to help others in these situations who feel that no one will listen. In this episode we gain a further understanding into the world of demonology and what evil is really out there.

The New York Office of Dem...

Paranormal Experiences Part 1 Podcast

Oct 1 • 53:21
The longer I produce Paranormal Thoughts Podcast, the more I believe majority of people have experienced something unexplainable. In this series we hear from people willing to share their own personal experiences. If you have a story you would like to share, please get in touch at

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Interview with an Abductee: Selena Anonymous Podcast

Aug 24 • 01:00:05
Interview with an Abductee, the segment where we hear from ordinary people who have had ET abduction experiences. Selena a social worker from Australia, for the first time shares her traumatic experiences. We discuss, implants, missing time & impregnation. This episode is one of the most heavy podcasts ever produced here on Paranormal Thoughts. However, this episode gives ...

The Fresno Nightcrawlers Podcast

Aug 8 • 33:41
The Fresno Nightcrawlers are fast becoming one of the most iconic cryptids out there. These beings are extremely distinctive only appearing to be a set of legs walking around in the dead of night. In this episode we breakdown is this all a hoax or have we discovered one of the most bizarre cryptids to date.

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Shadow Entities - Was Jesus An Alien? - Does The Loch Ness Monster Exist? - Q&A Podcast Part 2

Jul 25 • 28:53

Ancient Aliens - Parallel Universes - Reincarnation - Q&A Podcast Part 1

Jul 10 • 29:48

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident Podcast

Jun 28 • 25:17
In 1980, Suffolk England one of the worlds most paramount UFO cases takes place in the Rendlesham Forest. Over the course of a few days, the USA Military comes face to face with an unintended flying object. What was this craft? Was it something as simple as a misidentified lighthouse or something far more extraordinary?

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Interview with an Abductee: Kory P Podcast

Jun 2 • 47:36
Interview with an Abductee, the segment where we hear from ordinary people who have had ET abduction experiences. Kory P from Virginia had an experience at the age of 17 with an unidentified light in the sky. Kory recently in his 30's gained memory of this event and has begun a journey looking for answers.

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Interview With A Psychic Medium Podcast

May 17 • 56:16
In this episode I speak with Danielle-Diva Borozan, a Psychic Medium based in Canada. We cover a lot of ground in our chat from the afterlife, demons, extraterrestrials & even religion. All in all in our chat I finally got answers to my questions about the workings of a Psychic Medium.

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The Michigan Dogman Podcast

May 9 • 27:55
In 1887 a Large half man, half dog creature was spotted in Wexford County, Michigan. This is the earliest report known of the Dogman. Since that time reports have come in thick and fast not only from the US but worldwide. What is this terrifying creature? or does it even exist? In this episode we dig deep into the cryptid that is the Michigan Dogman.

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