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#19 — John Andrew Entwistle — Traveling into the future

Nov 2 • 59:47
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#18 — David Sacks — Movements and the battle for the future

Jun 10 • 54:50
David Sacks (@DavidSacks)is the co-founder and general partner at Craft Ventures. For episode #18, I chatted with David about why the best founders create movements not just startups, what he looks for when making investments, the rise of censorship and war on free speech in the United States, the decline of institutional trust and independent thinking in our culture and t...

#17 — Lex Oiler — The accidental startup founder

Apr 8 • 52:06
Lex Oiler (@hotgirlintech) is the founder and CEO of Peachy. For episode #17, I chatted with Lex about how a hospital bill that bankrupted her family set her on a mission to fix the broken medical billing system, following her own path away from law school to become a product designer, leveraging twitter to find early employees, customers and investors and her non-linear j...

#16 — Avlok Kohli — An angel investing revolution

Jan 21 • 48:34
Avlok Kohli (@avlok) is the CEO of AngelList Venture. For episode #16, I chatted with, I chatted with Avlok about how the startup funding ecosystem is changing, the geographic future of Silicon Valley, the launch of rolling funds, which have taken the venture industry by storm, and the launch of my seed fund, Paradox Capital, which is managed on the AngelList platform. Pri...

#15 — Mike Maples Jr. — Backcasting to build the future

Sep 30 • 01:11:58
Mike Maples (@m2jr) is the co-founder and partner at Floodgate Capital and was one of the original “super angels”. For episode #15, I chatted with Mike about the process entrepreneurs should use to uncover breakthrough insights, a fishing trip with his Dad that taught him a lifelong lesson, how he stumbled into his first angel investment (Twitter), how he broke into ventu...

#14 — Geoff Lewis — Noble lies and narrative violations

Aug 26 • 44:40
Geoff Lewis (@justGLew) is a technology investor and founder of Bedrock Capital. For episode #14, Geoff and I chatted about the noble lies that exist all around us in society, the geopolitics of TikTok, why algorithms are the new oil, how searching for narrative violations is different from contrarianism, his quest to move from Canada to the U.S. that started at age 11 and...

#13 — Balaji Srinivasan — The rise of cloud cities & citizen journalism

Jul 29 • 01:06:28
Balaji Srinivasan (@balajis) is an angel investor and entrepeneur. For episode #13, I chatted with Balaji about the rise of cloud cities, the Oregon Trail generation, a decentralized model for citizen journalism, why crypto is still underrated and the best piece of advice he’s ever received. Balaji was formerly the CTO of Coinbase and General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz...

#12 — Mike Solana — The heresy of speaking your mind

May 13 • 58:25
Mike Solana (@micsolana) is VP of brand and community at Founders Fund. For episode #12, I chatted with Mike about having the courage to speak your mind, self-censorship, the rising tide of socialism in the United States and the power the stories we tell ourselves both as individuals and societies have to dramatically alter the future we end up living in.

Mike runs creative...

#11 — Karlyn Borysenko — A liberal goes to a Trump rally

Apr 25 • 48:20
Karlyn Borysenko (@DrKarlynB) is an organizational psychologist who helps organizations and teams find happiness and fulfillment at work through her company, Zen Workplace. For episode #10, Karlyn and I had a wide-ranging discussion about her experience in an online knitting group that turned her off to cancel culture, taking part in the New Hampshire primary and meeting e...

#10 — Garry Tan — Building the world you want to live in

Apr 15 • 01:03:19
Garry Tan (@garrytan) is a designer and engineer turned early stage investor as a Managing Partner and co-founder at Initialized Capital. While recording from our coronavirus bunkers, Garry and I chatted about building the world you want to live in, how refugee ancestors has influenced his worldview, navigating the idea maze as a founder, his $200M mistake and how parentho...

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