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PaperClip with Mihir Sharma


Mihir Sharma, Senior Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, explains the stories that matter to India and the world. The podcast demystifies the headlines in your newspaper and the findings in research papers alike – and draws on the expertise and commentary of the community and network.

Popular episodes

Why is Beijing pushing Australia so hard?

Dec 21 • 11:14

The shadow of 2000

Nov 23 • 12:50

Development to deterrence: Beijing’s big shift

Nov 17 • 12:55

The Chinese Communist Party’s top leaders met recently, and we decode their shifting priorities. The People’s Republic is now, in their opinion, a comfortable middle-class country and it is time instead to focus on building its military and technological strength. Are they right? And how should we respond?

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Another crisis, another boost for Beijing

Oct 29 • 09:37

We need to talk about fridges

Oct 26 • 11:55

The world must start thinking, right now, about designing the delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine to billions of people in developing countries. Getting that done effectively and on a reasonable timeline will be even more difficult than getting to a vaccine. Yet until it gets done, the pandemic will never be truly over.

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Populists and the pandemic

Oct 5 • 10:46

Goodbye, Mr Abe

Sep 15 • 13:45

On the fourth instalment of the PaperClip podcast, Mihir Sharma explains why India, Asia and the Indo-Pacific will miss the departing Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe – the man who, in fact, practically invented and defined the concept of “the Indo-Pacific”. No politician of the past few decades in Asia – perhaps in the world -- has so been so influential in changing how...

Strength in numbers: India's only shot at leadership

Aug 26 • 08:30

On this, the third episode of the PaperClip podcast, Mihir Sharma explains how, although at a military and economic disadvantage, India might still be able to contest China's increasing dominance in Asia. That would need India to openly admit that it needs friends and allies in its attempt to contain and constrain Beijing's ambitions; if India wants to lead, it will have t...

A price to pay: India-China trade and tension

Aug 11 • 08:43

On this, the second episode of the PaperClip podcast, Mihir Sharma examines the economic relationship between India and China – one that has been strained for some time, but is particularly troubled following the death of Indian soldiers in Ladakh.

Is there any way in which India can deploy economic pressure against China, as some commentators believe? Are the government’s...

How do you Solve a Problem like China?

Jul 28 • 11:02

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