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Metabolic Chaos

Oct 27 • 46:05

What’s making you gain weight? How about your brain fog and sleep issues? It might be what Reed Davis refers to as metabolic chaos. Davis, famous for his functional diagnostic nutrition approach to health, uses labs to be the body’s detective. Using lab work, Davis helps work out a lifestyle plan that treats the underlying …...

The Leaky Gut-Leaky Heart Connection

Oct 20 • 43:00

1 out of every 3 deaths stems from cardiovascular disease—so how can you be vigilant against this major killer? Join the Paleo Cardiologist himself, Jack Wolfson, for an integrative approach to heart health. Learn how diet and lifestyle play a massive role in heart disease reversal and prevention, how gut inflammation can impact your heart …...

The ‘Playout’ Method

Sep 29 • 45:20

Why Collagen-Rich Bone Broth is Liquid Gold

Sep 22 • 44:10

Is bone broth really a natural cure-all? Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, a weight-loss naturopathic physician and nutrition consultant, insists that two cups of this liquid gold a day can cure everything from skin issues to gut problems and more. In this podcast, Dr. Kellyann breaks down the benefits of homemade bone broth and gives tips on making …...

How ‘The Wild Diet’ Works

Sep 15 • 50:33

Weight loss isn’t easy. Many people know the struggle—including fitness and nutrition expert Abel James, creator of the Wild Diet, star of ABC’s My Diet is Better Than Yours, and owner of his own podcast and website, Fat Burning Man. But Abel wasn’t always a health guru. In this podcast, he discusses his own struggles, …...

Mastering Parkour

Sep 8 • 51:10

Parkour is a fitness buzzword with a huge coolness factor, but where can you get your start? Can everyone learn the fundamentals of parkour? Dan Edwardes, founder of Parkour Generations and Parkour UK, creator of Adapt Parkour, and owner of Chainstore Gym, says absolutely. On this podcast, the discussion revolves around mastering parkour, including techniques, …...

Mastering Meditation and Managing Emotions

Aug 27 • 47:33

Want to be one of those people that can squeeze in a workout before a home cooked meal every night? Author and gym owner Sarah Fragoso shows you how mastering meditation, getting solid sleep, and learning emotion management can boost your productivity.  In this podcast, Sarah tells the story about how she made the transition from …...

How a Former Vegan Learned to Love Meat

Aug 6 • 53:20

Can we love animals and still eat meat? Former vegan Lierre Keith, farmer, activist and author of The Vegetarian Myth, says that eating meat isn’t just a choice, it is vital to our survival. In this podcast, Lierre breaks down how we’ve evolved to require meat in order to thrive. She talks about how being …...

Raising Chickens, Eating Weeds

Jul 27 • 55:19

How can eating sidewalk weeds help you save money on supplements? Is raising chickens in a small, urban space possible? Nutritionist and farmer Diana Rodgers tackles these question and more in today’s podcast. As a sustainable DIY guru who’s been compared to a Paleo Martha Stewart, this Sustainable Dish blogger has a unique perspective on doing …...

How to Lose Weight With a Fatty Diet

Jul 22 • 51:19

What’s the practical science behind why you lose weight? Self-proclaimed “pain in the back” nutritionist Jonny Bowden, author of Smart Fat, has the answer in today’s podcast. Tune in as this nutrition myth buster explains the fatty diet, and why it isn’t the source of fat that affects our health, it’s whether or not the …...

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