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Pak-Cord: a Pakistani Podcast

Society-and-culture • Religion-and-spirituality

We discuss anything affecting young Pakistanis across the globe, and discuss both serious and mellow topics. In each episode, we bring new guests from around the world to tell stories, discuss issues, and crack jokes! Our episodes are primarily in English, but we have numerous Urdu-heavy episodesRead more

Popular episodes

#73 - Kennedy's Time in Pakistan

Jan 13 • 46:52

Watch this Episode on YouTube!...

#72 - Religiosity

Dec 30 • 01:12:29

A fantastic conversation with Dr. Shabana Mir, from Chicago, U.S., who is here to unpack some of her knowledge and thoughts about various issues affecting Muslims and Muslim women today....

#71 - Resilience

Dec 7 • 58:40

A really thought provoking discussion about the most common challenges that affect our Pakistani youth today - lack of opportunities, fear of failure, family and parental pressure, anxiety, and more. Our guest, Mehmooda Shah from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, breaks this down with her own story, and shares her experience on dealing with obstacles, failure, and disadvantages in life....

#70 - Ko-Ko-Korea

Nov 21 • 43:21

Ayesha Wahidi was born and raised in the midwest, U.S. Earlier in 2020, she moved to Korea for a teaching-abroad program. She shares her experiences in and out of Korea and her perspectives on common life struggles....

#69 - Engaged at 12

Nov 11 • 01:05:41

Watch the video version of this podcast:

#68 - Life in Southern Africa

Oct 27 • 36:37

#67 - Life in Japan

Oct 11 • 52:46

Meet Fareeha, living in Japan. She hasn't spent a lot of time in Pakistan, grew up in Saudi Arabia, and then moved to Japan for her studies to a city called Sendai, and has been living there for 9 years, currently working at a lab while pursuing her PhD....

#66 - To Sacrifice My OWN Life for Pakistan

Sep 28 • 34:58

Note: this podcast episode exists in video form on our YouTube channel. We strongly recommend watching the video version, as it has more visual context around this topic. Find the video version on our YouTube channel or use the following link:...

#65 - The NewsRun

Sep 20 • 34:18

Meet Anam Khan, a Pakistani American currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, U.S. She has moved back and forth between Pakistan and U.S. and spent a significant time living in both countries....

#64 - The History Buff

Sep 13 • 47:46

Warning: this episode contains a few sexual jokes / mature conversations at certain points. Please listen with caution....

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