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Painiac: The Podcast On Living Well Even When Life Hurts


Painiac, the first podcast about mindfully living with chronic pain, is a free resource for people living with chronic pain or illness. Painiac is for people living with chronic pain and the awesome people who love them. We also explore what it means to live with various types of pain whether it beRead more

Popular episodes

Painiac 302 | Calming Body Scan with Shelly

Oct 27 • 24:17

Camisha Jones | The Poetry of Pain

Aug 21 • 55:22

I love poetry. It reminds me of music, in away that it has its own deep language and it has the power to move you like music does. When I came across poet Camisha L. Jones’ work, I was immediately moved and struck by its power and heart. I knew that I had to invite her on Painiac to share more of her art and her story. I hope you enjoy this conversation, and I know you’ll ...

Season 3 | More Painiac Coming Your Way

Aug 7 • 09:00

Painiac 207: What Does it Mean to Get Better

Oct 4 • 14:51

In this episode, we explore what it means to get better. I’ve been thinking a lot about healing and recovery, and what it means to get better. Last month marked my 12 years anniversary of living with debilitating chronic pain, and this past May marked the 3 year anniversary of my most recent and most invasive surgery. When I look back at how I had imagined myself to feel a...

Paniac 206: Knowing Your Rights in the Workplace - Dr. Beth Loy Talks About Job Accommodations

Sep 25 • 41:29

Do you know your rights to request accommodations in the workplace? Did you know that you even have rights to request accommodations to make your job more comfortable? I’ll be honest, I had no idea that I had these kinds of rights back when I wasn’t self-employed, and chances are you don’t aren’t in the know either. That’s why I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode...

Painiac 205: Virtual Reality & Chronic Pain Management with Josh Sackman

Sep 5 • 47:40

Virtual reality therapy is revolutionizing pain management by offering painiacs non-invasive and non-addictive ways to effectively manage pain. Today, I’m talking with Josh Sackman, President and Co-Founder of Applied VR, about the new app Ease VR. Josh has been featured in Wired, Forbes and MIT Technology Review and has spoken at international conferences such as South by...

Painiac 204: Sleeping When Everything Hurts

Aug 17 • 34:25

Painsomnia the difficulty of falling and staying asleep when dealing with chronic pain is a real challenge for painiacs. Research shows that one of the most important predictors for pain intensity is the number of hours slept the night before. If you sleep poorly, your pain will likely be worse the next day. Years ago, when the pain I live with was at its worst, I was unab...

Painiac 203: What Can Fear Show Us?

Aug 8 • 12:34

What does fear do to us? Fear shows us what we do not know. When we’re scared, if we peel back those layers of fear, we usually find that we are afraid of the unknown, of outcomes that we can’t predict and unforeseen obstacles that we can’t anticipate. Pain reminds us that we aren’t unbreakable. I took a walk in the forest the other day, the moss was deep green and the tre...

Painiac 202: Living Confidently & Creatively with Danielle Blocker

Aug 1 • 58:59

"When you go through pain, we all will, some way and someday, hit rock bottom, and we will find that strength to keep going and to keep moving on." In 2014, Danielle experienced an accident that left her with debilitating neck pain that became chronic. I loved this conversation with Danielle, and I know you’ll love it too. I find her so bright and full of life and strength...

Paniac 201: Season Two Kick Off! + Gentle Hug From Shelly

Aug 1 • 16:38

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