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Paid Insights Podcast: Where We Deconstruct AdWords Ad Campaigns To Learn From Other Companies Mistakes

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The Paid Insights Podcast will help you succeed with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, landing page design, copywriting and more. I will analyze ads and landing pages of different companies in various industries so you can learn what works and what doesn't work in online marketing today. PaidRead more

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PIP 016: Estate Planning Attorney

Sep 17 • 25:37
In episode 16, we look at the keyword estate planning attorney. Search volume is 5,400 searches per month with an average cost per click of $14.75. All of the results I got were local to the Denver and front-range area of Colorado.
Search & Top AdWords Ads

Estate Planning Attorney Landing Pages
[Law Offices of Karen Brady (Colorado Estate Planning)](http://www.colorad...

PIP 015: Best Website Hosting

Aug 19 • 22:22
In episode 15, we look at the keyword best website hosting. The first 2 are listing/review sites that are owned by Endurance International Group that owns all the brands listed on those sites. Check out this [Wikipedia article on EIG](https://en.wikipedia…_International_Group) to see all the companies they own.
Deal Mentioned
[Dreamhost $25 Off](https://www.paidinsights....

PIP 014: Appointment Scheduling Software

Aug 12 • 26:14
In episode 14, we look at the keyword appointment scheduling software. We got a variety of different types of scheduling software, some for larger companies and some for certain industries.
Site Mentioned
[SEMRush]( (sign up for a free trial)
Search & Top AdWords Ads

Appointment Scheduling Software Landing Pages

PIP 013: How To Set Up Lead & Call Conversion Tracking In AdWords

Jul 12 • 17:32
In episode 13, you’ll learn how to set up conversion tracking for lead forms and phone calls, as well as get some insight into how offline conversion tracking works.
Show notes are at […onversion-tracking/).
Links Mentioned
[CallRail Case Study](http://www.callrail.…franchise-marketing/)
[AdWords Conversion Tracking Article](https://www.paidinsi…con...

PIP 012: Stock Trading Apps

Jul 8 • 17:49
For episode 12, I searched for stock trading apps. What I was originally thinking when searching was a something like the [Robinhood App](…00ltXT) (iTunes store) but that’s not what showed up so we have to go with the advertisers that did. If you’re interested, check out this [awesome review of the Robinhood app](https://walletsquirr…420-in-trading-fees...

PIP 011: Luxury Garden Furniture UK

Apr 16 • 22:53
For episode 11, I searched for luxury garden furniture uk.
Search & Top AdWords Ads

Luxury Garden Furniture UK Landing Pages
[Bridgman Garden Furniture](https://www.bridgman….uk/garden-furniture)
[Houseology Garden Furniture](https://www.houseolo…oor-garden/furniture)
[GreatGatherings Outdoor Furniture](http://www...

PIP 010: ESA Vests

Apr 4 • 17:25
In episode 10 we look at the search for esa vests. ESA stands for Emotional Support Animal and the most common support animal is a dog. Feel free to learn more about the benefits and [laws of emotional support dogs](https://www.emotiona…support-animal-laws/).
Search & Top AdWords Ads

Landing Pages
[United States Dog Registry](
[Chewy (“esa h...

PIP 009: Podcast Hosting

Mar 30 • 25:46
Unofficial Episode Sponsor:
Blubrry Podcast Hosting
Get 1 month free with the promo code: paidinsights. [Sign up here](
Search & Top AdWords Ads
The search performed was ‘podcast hosting’. You will need a place to host your .mp3 files and there are many different companies that specialize in hosting podcasts and providing an RSS fe...

PIP 008: Boxing Franchise

Mar 27 • 26:08
In episode 8 we take a look at the ads and landing pages for the search query boxing franchise. It gets 110 searches per month with an average cost per click of $2.20.
Here’s the search:

Here’s the landing pages:
[9Round Franchising Landing Page](https://www.9round.c…m/fitness-franchises)
[Title Boxing Landing Page](http://go.titlefranc…se-facts-infographic)

PIP 007: Drywall Repair San Diego

Feb 2 • 18:32
In the 7th episode, we take a look at the keyword drywall repair san diego.
This search was dominated by large lead resellers. I did this search from Colorado, but it’s not uncommon to look for this type of work for your parent, brother, sister, child, etc. in another state or city.
Here’s the search and the top 4 ads: looks like they haven’t updated their ad...

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