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This is a collection of curated podcast episodes around the topic of economics, to expose the students of Oxford College of Emory's Principles of Economics course to podcasts that touch on economics and economic adjacent topics.

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Throughline: Lives Of The Great Depression

Nov 4 • 47:37
The Great Depression was a revolutionary spark for all kinds of things — health insurance, social safety nets, big government — all of which were in response to a national crisis. Through the personal accounts of four people who lived during the Great Depression, we look back at what life was like back then and what those stories can teach us about the last time the U.S. w...

Hidden Forces: Steve Keen | Monetary Misperceptions, Climate Economics, and the Limits to Growth

Oct 28 • 01:01:44

Hidden Brain: Theory Vs. Reality: Why Our Economic Behavior Isn't Always Rational

Oct 21 • 50:24
We don't always behave the way economic models say we will. We don't save enough for retirement. We order dessert when we're supposed to be dieting. We give donations when we could keep our money for ourselves.

Again and again, we fail to act rationally and selfishly — the way traditional economics expects us to.

We've seen this during the coronavirus crisis: People selfle...

Planet Money: Quit Threat

Oct 14 • 22:37
On today's show, we ask: What does full employment really look like?

NPR sent reporters across the country, including to Ames, Iowa, the city with the lowest unemployment rate, to find out.

The unemployment rate is just 3.6% in the U.S., a 50-year low. People think we are at, or near, full employment. That's the lowest the unemployment rate can go without triggering inflat...

Econtalk: Noah Smith on Worker Compensation, Co-determination, and Market Power

Oct 7 • 01:15:17
Bloomberg Opinion columnist and economist Noah Smith talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about corporate control, wages, and monopoly power. Smith discusses the costs and benefits of co-determination--the idea of putting workers on corporate boards. The conversation then moves to a lively discussion of wages and monopoly power and how the American worker has been doing i...

Freakonomics radio: Why Rent Control Doesn’t Work (Ep. 373)

Sep 30 • 51:55

Planet Money: A Bet On The Future Of Humanity (Ep508)

Sep 23 • 20:31
A famous biologist, Paul Ehrlich, predicts that overpopulation will lead to global catastrophe. He writes a bestselling book — The Population Bomb — and goes on the Tonight Show to make his case.An economist, Julian Simon, disagrees. He thinks Ehrlich isn't accounting for how clever people can be, and how shortages can lead to new, more efficient ways of doing things.
So S...

WSJ - The Journal: The World Has Too Much Oil

Sep 14 • 15:06

Planet Money: Why The Price of Coke Didn't Change For 70 years

Sep 1 • 20:34

Today in Focus (The Guardian): The global race for face masks

Aug 26 • 27:07
The world economy may have dramatically dipped and the price of oil crashed, but one commodity is seeing an unprecedented boom: the face mask. Samanth Subramanian explores the newly distorted marketplace for masks and the lengths some will go to get them
When the coronavirus began spreading beyond China in January, the race to buy up any available protective face masks wen...

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