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Red and Blue of Overly Sarcastic Productions keep the learnin' rollin' with a biweekly after show! Join the OSP crew as we chat about all the anecdotes, corrections, and fan questions that didn't make the regular content (and probably get swept way off topic along the way!) So yeah...let's doRead more

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OSPod Episode 31: Hyrule's Real Estate, Smart Guys, and Dominic Noble!

Nov 24 • 01:24:16

On this episode Dominic Noble stopped by, so we were sure to be on our best behavior! Red and Indigo bully Blue about Bionicle, we throw hands over Discworld characters, and made Blue do a real actual spit take. Somehow, the trope talk was the least spicy part of this week's episode, I know, I'm just as surprised as all of you!...

OSPod Episode 30: Congrats Cyan and Blue (and Girl's Night 2!)

Nov 10 • 01:08:47

Congratulations to Blue and Cyan for tying the knot! After some requisite wedding reminiscing Blue takes his leave to go recover from his whirlwind week, and you all know what that's girl's night 2.0 time baby! Indigo and Red take over the pod to talk werewolves, Indigo's very specific taste in roguish brunettes, subs vs dubs, and for some reason, Cats(2019)... ...

OSPod Episode 29: Wedding bells, Historic Haunts, and a Golden Touch

Oct 27 • 01:04:52

Content Warnings: Trypophobia, Thalassophobia, Acrophobia
We answer a question about our phobias, if you share those phobias, skip to the next question using this timecode!: 27:28 - 35:43

Is it wedding season or the season of the witch? On this episode we ask Porque No Los Dos! Blue talks about famous Indigenous cities (and his upcoming wedding), Red covers the Midas touch ...

OSPod Episode 28: Mafia Geography, Cold Wives, and Good Soup

Oct 13 • 01:00:23

Did you know the mafia originated in southern Italy? Red didn't! Just one of the many adventures in learning you too can have by listening to the Overly Sarcastic Podcast! This week we tackle Sicily, fridging, and harass Blue into watching the Mummy (1999)....

OSPod Episode 27: Happy One Year OSPod!

Sep 29 • 01:18:28

Thanks for a whole year of podcasts! To celebrate we do...the usual. Time dilation, history makers, Kermit the Frog covers of Whitney Houston classics. You know, the usual. ...

OSPod Episode 26: City Minutes, Detectives, and Loot Drops

Sep 15 • 55:12

It's a whodunnit! Was it Blue in the UK with a City Minutes? Was it Red in that one room we always use with the Trope Talk? NOPE! It was Indigo running in with the folding chair! We don't know what the energy of this episode is either, but we sure hope you like listening in!...

OSBonus! Back to School with OSP

Sep 6 • 56:55

Happy Back to School! The OSP team wishes all our student listeners the backpacks of their dreams and a year of thrilling learning! If you're nervous about the new year, want a little advice, or just want to hear if we think Banquo would beat Titania in a smash bros game, then this special episode is for you!...

OSPod Episode 25: Britain, Athens, and Enemies to Lovers Fanfic

Sep 1 • 58:49

Blue is back! And for some reason he brought the British empire with him. Red talks about the importance of knowing where your myths come from, Indigo rages against dishwashers, and the whole crew dreams of their perfect nemesis in another classic episode of the Overly Sarcastic Podcast!...

OSPod Episode 24: Girls Night!

Aug 18 • 01:01:08

When Blue is away, Red and Indigo will talk at length about cartoons they watched in middle school. Welcome to the girl's night edition of the OSPod! Our dynamic duo chats Trevor Belmont's hotness, queer-coding in villains, and for some reason we cannot explain, the early 2000s cartoon Storm Hawks. ...

OSPod Episode 23: Romans, Stars, and Food For Days (Feat. Tasting History)

Aug 4 • 01:03:50

Max Miller of Tasting History joins Red, Blue, and Indigo for a hungry hungry episode! We talk Romans, we talk constellations, and we talk a wholeee lot of food. Ever wanted a prophecy for your coffee? How about a menu for your next historical gala? Find all that and more in this episode of the Overly Sarcastic Podcast!...

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