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Overcoming Distractions-Thriving with ADHD, ADD

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Overcoming Distractions is a book written by David A Greenwood on thriving with Adult ADHD. The Podcast is a show dedicated to telling the stories of those who have thrived with ADHD. From small business owners, inventors, entrepreneurs and many more, you will hear how they have used ADHD in theirRead more

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ADHD and entrepreneurship-managing your time effectively

Nov 27 • 35:12

ADHD and entrepreneurship do go together quite well, most of the time. Many people with adult ADHD end up working for themselves for a whole host of reasons. And while this might be a great option, there comes an immense amount of time management strategy involved in any entrepreneurial journey....

Improving your sleep habits when you have adult ADHD

Nov 20 • 42:34

There are a number of important ways to manage your adult ADHD. One critical factor and thriving with adult ADHD is to ensure you have proper sleep habits. Not only getting enough sleep but getting quality sleep is just as important....

How and when to choose an ADHD coach

Nov 6 • 43:53

There comes a time where everyone regardless of ADHD needs a great mentor or coach. How do you find the right ADHD coach and when is it time to get ADHD coaching? Those are some of the topics discussed in this podcast....

Engineering success with your adult ADHD

Oct 9 • 45:15

How do you go from being broke, getting a divorce, and then creating a thriving successful life with adult ADHD? The answer is in this podcast episode. If you want to engineer a successful life and consistent habits, make sure you listen to this conversation....

Finding the right apps and technology when you have adult ADHD

Sep 25 • 40:43

For many with adult ADHD, the right technology can be a game-changer. Whether that is applications that help us run our business or something as simple as maintaining and sharing a grocery shopping list. We can't escape technology anymore in our lives and we must embrace what helps us thrive....

How to find the humor in your ADHD

Sep 18 • 34:39

In this podcast, we are going to laugh at, and about our ADHD. And we're going to learn how to find the humor with our adult ADHD....

Managing emotions when you have ADHD-strategies and tactics

Sep 11 • 34:13

How can I manage my emotions better when I have ADHD? This is a common question as well as a struggle in individuals with ADHD. Our emotions can get the best of us in both challenging times and times of excitement....

Are you an entrepreneur or business professional with ADHD?

Sep 9 • 17:12

This week Dave is in search of entrepreneurs and business professionals that have ADHD. If you have a story to tell that involves your adult ADHD and the business world, it's time to connect with Dave....

How to conduct a brain dump when you have ADHD

Aug 21 • 30:10

The ADHD brain always gets cluttered when we have too much to do and too much information to process. That's why it is so important for us to take time out whenever needed to do what we call a brain dump....

Managing burnout and overwhelm when you have ADHD

Jul 31 • 34:01

If you have ADHD and you feel you are suffering from overwhelm or even burnout, you want to take the time to listen to this new podcast episode. We discuss one of the silent conditions of mental health and that is burnout....

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