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Outwatch: A Survivor Re-Watch Podcast


Outwatch is a Survivor Rewatch Podcast, with hosts ranging from Superfan to Newbie. Each episode we watch a legacy episode of Survivor and rewatch, recap, and react along with you, and play a version of Fantasy Survivor. Support this podcast:

Popular episodes

Survivor: Micronesia Ep. 4 Rewatch

Nov 29 • 54:58

Make sure you watch this one before you listen to the pod, so you can take in the visual marvel that is the most complex and artistic fake immunity idol ever. ...

Survivor: Micronesia Ep. 3 Rewatch

Nov 15 • 41:49

Can't believe neither of the tribes picked their favorite rewatch podcast from the comfort catalog! ...

Survivor: Micronesia Ep. 2 Rewatch

Nov 1 • 55:20

Headlining this Friday night, it's the town's hottest local MoTown act, Mando and her Little Ozlets! ...

Survivor: Micronesia Ep. 1 Rewatch

Oct 18 • 47:53

You think we won't talk about the GMC Envoy in this episode which has nothing remotely to do with it? Have you even listened to the show? ...

Survivor: Micronesia Fantasy Draft Special!

Oct 4 • 01:11:50

It's time we kick off are brand new season on Outwatch, the much anticipated Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites rewatch! Since we are seeing returning players for the first time, and our Survivor squad is more learned now, we are kicking things off with a fantasy Survivor Auction and Draft this season. ...

Survivor: Cook Islands Finale!

Sep 20 • 01:04:49

Come on in, and get cosy by the fire (that is if you can manage to make one) because it's time for the thrilling(?) conclusion of Survivor: Cook Islands! ...

Outwatch: Survivor Cook Islands Part 4

Sep 6 • 40:56

If you could share a hot tub with any three survivors......

Outwatch: Survivor Cook Islands Part 3

Aug 23 • 55:01

Queue up the pod, gather your friends, and try to get faded. ...

Survivor Era by Era Tribe Draft

Aug 2 • 01:38:49

Fear not, our Cook Islands power rewatch is still in full force! It has been a super busy month for the Outwatch crew, so we wanted to re-release this past episode this week! In it, Alex is joined by fellow super duper fan Elizabeth, as they put together their dream season, made up of 4 tribes, each of which represent a 10 season era of Survivor. ...

Outwatch: Survivor Cook Islands Part 2

Jul 19 • 58:33

I had a dream that this podcast was playing, and there was this old shaman lady hosting it, and all the ads were ads for credit cards. All the guests were supernatural people, too. ...

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