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Outside The Box Podcast: A Different Way To Think About Sneakers

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Outside The Box Podcast is hosted by Nick Engvall and aims to showcase the opportunities in the footwear business and inspire people to turn their passion for sneakers into career opportunities through conversations with thought-leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs in the sneaker business.

Popular episodes

From Pouring Drinks For Robert De Niro To Hosting Red Carpet Events In Hollywood - Tamara Dhia's Hustler Mentality Is Key To Chasing Her Dreams

Apr 28 • 49:41

Tamara Dhia has a resume that includes work for companies like Complex, E!, MTV, NTWRK, and more but the path to success wasn't easy. In this conversation, she talks about being around the opportunities you want, staying true to your own passions and beliefs, and how she went from pouring drinks for Robert "Bobby D" De Niro to hosting red carpet events with Giuliana Rancic...

From Pro Basketball to Writing 27 Books and Being CEO of His Own Company - Dre Baldwin Interview

Apr 21 • 57:57

Dre Baldwin, the author of Work On Your Game, has played professional basketball, written 27 books, hosts a successful podcast, and is CEO of his own company. Find out the routines, habits, and best practices that he uses to find continued success on this episode of Outside The Box, hosted by Nick Engvall...

From Sneakers To Selena Gomez, Navigating The World Of Freelance Photography - Vince Sirico Interview

Apr 14 • 01:03:51

Vince Sirico has photographed the likes of Aleali May, Gucci Man, James Harden, Zion Williamson, WizKid, as well as brands like adidas, Reebok, JD Sports. His work speaks for itself. On this episode we discuss the challenges of navigating the world of freelance photography, how to learn from the opportunities that present themselves, the value of always trying new things, ...

Signature Shoes - The Athletes Who Wore Them and Delightful Pop Culture Nuggets - Ryan Trembath Interview

Apr 7 • 53:46

Ryan Trembath made the most of the pandemic by writing his first book, Signature Shoes - The Athletes Who Wore Them and Delightful Pop Culture Nuggets. In this interview, he discusses how the book came about, some of his surprising discoveries while researching signature sneakers over the last 100 years, and what his tips for aspiring authors are....

Lucy Crivelli On Starting Your Own Agency, Building Community, and Preparing Yourself To Be Ready When Opportunity Comes Calling

Mar 31 • 56:57

Lucy Crivelli is a hustler at heart. From working as a freelance photographer in the sneaker world to starting her own creative agency, to building communities for startups like Aglet, her work speaks for itself. ...

Tiffany Beers Talks Failing Correctly, A New Footwear Design Project, and How Being From a Small Town Is a Competitive Advantage

Mar 24 • 48:40

Tiffany Beers is one of the most important footwear designers in the sneaker world with shoes like the Nike Air Yeezy, Nike MAG, and countless others. ...

It's Not A Ladder, It's A Jungle Gym - Putting In Work On Her Way To The Top - Reham Habib Interview

Mar 17 • 01:07:34

Reham Habib has been a part of making brands like Nike, Jordan, and even 50 Cent's G-Unit, some of the most recognizable names on the planet. Her path to the top of the corporate world is "looks less like a ladder and more like a jungle gym," and that includes living in China for 4 years working for Jordan Brand. ...

From Flipping Sneakers to Flipping Houses - How To Become A Profitable Hobbyist

Feb 24 • 57:16

The Profitable Hobbyist, Darrin "DJ" Willingham Jr, joins Nick Engvall for a conversation about turning your sneaker reselling hobby into flipping houses for a living....

From Sneaker Reality Show To Sustainable Design: Finding Your Path In The Footwear Business

Feb 17 • 01:35:35

Nick Engvall talks with Megan Ann Wilson about being on the first-ever sneaker reality show, her work as a creative, stylist to professional athletes, and as a designer. ...

Meet Two High School Students Who Are Providing Sneakers To The NYC Homeless Through Their Non-Profit - Sole Purpose NYC Interview

Feb 10 • 42:12

On this episode of the Outside The Box Podcast, Nick Engvall talks with Ross Brodsky and Alex Goldenberg, two high school students who founded the non-profit Sole Purpose NYC, an organization that is collecting and refurbishing sneakers to give back to the New York City homeless....

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