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On Outliers, Daniel Scrivner sits down with entrepreneurs, investors, and iconoclasts in the Top 1% of their field. We dig deep to uncover the ideas, patterns, and perspectives that we can all put to use today. Level up and start learning from the world's best minds with Outliers. Subscribe to getRead more
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Best Episodes

#18 Outliers Masterclass — Verlyn Klinkenborg: The Yale Professor on Becoming a Better Writer

Feb 10, 2021

"Verlyn Klinkenborg: teaching Yale students to escape their education "




“So what I do now is essentially help students escape from their education. That's my enterprise every year. And it's always fun, because they escape quite readily. They all know that what they're making in their classes is an artificial product that doesn't actually have any particular interestRead more

#12 Kevin Kelly of WIRED Magazine and Recomendo: On Virtual Reality and What Technology Wants

Nov 18, 2020

"Kevin Kelly: history as a source of optimism "




“What is this thing we call technology? In the cosmological sense, like, where does it fit in? How does it relate to life? And my current summary would be that it is an extension of life and therefore is not contrary to life. It's an extended version of life—and that gives me hope, because it meansRead more

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#4 Jessica Hansen — NPR's Vocal Coach on Finding Your Voice, Owning It, and The Art of Communication

Sep 24, 2020

"The 4-7-8 breathing technique "



Before I even introduce this episode’s guest, you’ll likely recognize her voice. Jessica Hansen (@JessActs) is NPR’s voice of underwriting as well as its in-house voice coach. We sit down to discuss: The importance of having a strong voice in both a professional and personal setting. The “ideal”Read more

#1: Chris Sparks — Performance vs Productivity, The 4-Hour Workday, and More Wood Behind Fewer Arrows

Aug 28, 2020

" Chris Sparks: the best productivity hack comes from your own past"




In the world premier of Outliers, I sit down with Top 20 poker player and peak performance coach Chris Sparks. Brought to you by Flow.“If you can improve fast enough in the right areas, then the score will take care of itself.” — Chris SparksImagine blocking your emails until noon each day. WhatRead more

#15 Brandon Johnson: Managing $1.8 Billion in Wealth

Jan 26, 2021

"Brandon Johnson: financial capital exists to support human capital "



“Once we have a starting point and a target, we can start to evaluate, do we turn left, do we turn right? How do we measure success? Then that dynamic process never stops." – Brandon JohnsonIn this episode of Outliers, Brandon Johnson explains what a family office is, how he works with families toRead more

#17 Andrew Dumont: Adventures in Business and Investing

Feb 2, 2021

"Andrew Dumont: fundraising should not be the first goal of an entrepreneur "



“When you’re first starting a fund, you're going to spend your first five years, realistically, actively raising money from LPs—and that is your primary role. It is not interfacing with founders and helping entrepreneurs; that's a small piece. I think it's important that people realize: if you justRead more

🏆 Best of Outliers 2020 – Dylan Taylor: The Past, Present, and Future of Space Exploration

Dec 16, 2020

"Dylan Taylor: reusable rockets vs the advent of the elevator "



To close out the year, we're replaying the most popular episodes of Outliers in 2020. Coming in third place is our interview with Dylan Taylor, who's widely regarded as the most active private space investor in the world.“I’m in the camp that is super passionate about space as a tool forRead more

Paula Faris, Former Co-Anchor of Good Morning America Weekend: Fear, Faith, and Finding Your Calling - Ep. #11

Nov 11, 2020

"Paula Faris: Fear and peace can coexist "


“I believe everything happens for a reason. I don't have any regrets, even though I've done some stupid stuff in my life—like, really dumb things. I wouldn't take it back, because I learned more from my flaws and failures than I have from the “successes” of life. Those have been the characterRead more

#16 Laurence Gonzales: The Chemistry of Fire [Bonus Episode]

Jan 29, 2021

"Laurence Gonzales: the risk-reward loop"


“There’s no way to stop these accidents from happening, but there’s a way to stop them from happening to you.” – Laurence GonzalesLaurence Gonzales (@deepsurvivalsm0) is an award-winning author of numerous books about the psychology and neuroscience of survival . In this episode, Laurence andRead more

#19 Rennick Palley: Founder of Stratos Technologies on Investing Across the Capital Structure

Feb 18, 2021

" Rennick Palley: Is investing a science or an art? "


“I think every stock that has future growth can be value, and every stock that is value can also be growth. They go together.” – Rennick PalleyRennick Palley is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Stratos Technologies, which is focused on technology investments. He was previously a ResearchRead more
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