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In the Out and Back Podcast presented by Gaia GPS, thru-hiker Andrew “Shanty” Baldwin, professional guide/outdoorswoman Mary "Hiker Midnight" Cochenour, and professional athlete Abby Levene dive deep into conversation with long-distance hikers, record-breaking athletes, offroad travelers who soldRead more

Popular episodes

42. Sat Comm with ZOLEO founder Morris Shawn

Nov 11 • 42:39

It's your worst nightmare. You're all alone, miles from the trailhead, when you trip over a rock and break your leg. What do you do? If you have a satellite communication device, you press a button and send a message for help. Yes, rescue in the backcountry has become that easy. These palm-sized units allow you to send messages from anywhere in the world, let others track ...

41. Thru-Hiking Secrets with Halfway Anywhere

Oct 21 • 01:09:03

Before Mac of Halfway Anywhere thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013, he struggled to find useful information about the trail. Sure, he read anecdotal thru-hiking accounts. But what worked for one person might not work for him. Mac wanted data. So after completing the trail that year, Mac started a PCT survey to gather that data for himself. ...

40. Backcountry Coffee with the Pros

Sep 30 • 45:05

Coffee is life for many of us. It’s our morning ritual, a jolt that shakes us out of the afternoon doldrums, and a pick-me-up when we need to burn the midnight oil. But in the backcountry, brewing the perfect cup can be complicated. A pour-over leaves you with messy grounds to haul out and instant coffee often falls short on taste. We turned to some of our favorite profess...

39. Mike Clelland - Owls and UFOs

Sep 9 • 45:10

Ultralight backpacking expert Mike Clelland has slept outside as often as possible for decades. Cowboy camping one night 15 years ago, something happened that changed Mike’s life forever. He tried to dismiss it, but it happened again. And again. That series of events sent Mike down the unlikely path of studying how powerful coincidences connect us to the supernatural. ...

38. She Dreams of Alpine, Allison Boyle

Aug 26 • 51:17

Newbie and seasoned backpackers alike all hold fears around backcountry travel. Outdoor Backpacking Educator and Empowerment Coach Allison Boyle shares how to overcome them this week on the Out and Back podcast. Allison is the face behind the ultra-popular blog and coaching service She Dreams of Alpine, which teaches women how to become safe, confident, and self-sufficient...

37. Life With Fire (Amanda Monthei)

Aug 12 • 01:04:36

If you live out west, you’ve already woken up to bright red suns and thick, smokey skies this summer. Fire season has arrived. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing fire-ravaged towns on TV. Yet wildfires are actually not all bad. We’ve just exacerbated their scope, and in fact we are the ones who get in the way....

36. Jeep on Fire: Casey Kaiser (Gaia GPS Offroad Podcast collaboration)

Jul 29 • 50:19

Episode 36 of Out and Back is a cross-collaboration with our brand new overlanding podcast: The Gaia GPS Offroad Podcast! ...

35. Jenny Jurek - Bikepacking in Japan (with toddlers!)

Jul 15 • 01:01:39

Jenny, who is of Japanese descent, describes the joy the family felt connecting with her ancestors’ homeland as her family bike-packed 600 miles across Hokkaido, Japan (The kids didn’t want to leave!). She gets into the shame she experienced growing up with a different sounding last name from her classmates, and how she’s come to cherish her ancestry as an adult....

34. A Wedding Proposal

Jul 1 • 43:52

The landscape always played a crucial role in forging Phoebe Novitsky's and Ian Silberman's connection. From taking a wrong turn on Colorado’s Grizzly Peak to bonking on an epic gravel ride, Ian and Phoebe quickly got to know each other through their trials and triumphs outside. And they developed an unbreakable bond in the process. Ian knew he wanted to incorporate geogra...

33. Emily Ford - The Ice Age Trail

Jun 17 • 44:53

Despite its name, Wisconsin's 1,200 mile Ice Age Trail mostly attracts thru-hikers during summer. But for professional gardener Emily Ford, a winter thru-hike aligned better with her schedule. So Emily and an Alaskan husky named Diggins post-holed through knee-deep snow and watched their breath turn to ice in their tent. Emily drank cream by the carton, and boiled snow for...

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