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Internet Vitalism.

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How to Build a Tokenized Creator Community with Jess Sloss of Seed Club

Jul 23 • 51:27

Jess Sloss is a lead instigator of Seed Club, an incubator of tokenized communities—communities that use custom cryptocurrencies to align incentives and distribute value among stakeholders....

The Abolition of Institutions: On Ivan Illich with LM Sacasas and Nina Power

Jul 15 • 01:08:18

LM Sacasas is a theorist of technology and expert on Ivan Illich. He writes a popular Substack called the The Convivial Society, and recently published a book entitled The Frailest Thing. We're joined by friend of the show Nina Power to discuss Ivan Illich's prescient theories of technology, institutions, and the senses....

Building an Idea Company on Youtube with David Fuller of Rebel Wisdom

Jul 5 • 01:06:13

David Fuller is a co-founder of Rebel Wisdom, a media company and community dedicated to ideas and independent sense-making....

McAfee $WHACKD? Ivan Illich, DAO, China

Jun 28 • 01:04:47

St. Augustine Destroys Paganism with Facts and Logic

Jun 17 • 01:01:12

How to Reboot the American Empire with Wolf Tivy, Editor-in-Chief of Palladium

Jun 4 • 01:13:13

Wolf Tivy is Editor-in-Chief of Palladium Magazine. We discuss Wolf's theory of how a network of outsider seed institutions can reboot the US government; Palladium's aesthetic of Luxury Political Theory; why Palladium is structured as a non-profit; how they're layering in community features via Patreon; and why cloud countries and charter cities are unlikely to succeed wit...

Other Life Live - Vaxxed, Reply to Luke Smith, Chat for God updates, etc.

May 30 • 45:18

Ivan Illich: Deschooling and Conviviality with Nina Power

May 25 • 01:12:14

Artificial Intelligence, Dogecoin, Arranged Marriages - Other Life

May 24 • 01:23:30

Other Life with Bitcoin Sign Guy Christian Langalis

May 17 • 01:12:33

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