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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Religion-and-spirituality • Comedy

My mom’s King Ranch Chicken casserole. My small hometown in East Texas. My eleventh grade choir teacher. Know what all of these things have in common? None of them are famous. None have been written about or sung about or reported on. You might call them “ordinary.” Welcome to Ordinary People.Read more

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This Sucks...

Mar 24 • 19:23

There is going to be a very good chance that you think you know what I'm going to say on this podcast, but you don't. I can promise you that, because up until about 12 hours ago, I didn't even know what I was going to be saying on this podcast. I actually had an interview scheduled this week, but aren't we living in a time when we never know what's coming? This podcast was...


Mar 18 • 55:52

I'm excited about today, because my guest is ordinary. She is ordinary, the topic is ordinary, and you all know how I feel about ordinary. We talk about a mundane event that lots of people go through, but she is handling it in extraordinary ways. I haven't done a podcast on this subject, yet it's so prevalent. I'm talking about divorce....

Dream Life

Mar 10 • 44:48

Over the next two weeks, we will be talking to women who were suddenly faced with a decision. Maybe the decision came after years of being at a dead-end job, and they simply had had enough. Maybe, it came after a divorce. We will be talking to these women who found themselves having to make a choice about what will be next. What will they do? Will they live? Will they die?...

Miss Connection

Mar 3 • 44:33

Dr. Justin Coulson is an honorary fellow at the Center for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne. He has three best-selling books about family life and parenting. He writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, family, and well-being. He's a TEDx speaker and a regular TV expert guest. He's a contributor to major Australian media outlets....

Nurse Katherine Answers Your Questions

Feb 25 • 43:39

She's back. I hope you all are happy. It does something to my psyche and my confidence level when I hear "could you have her on more often" or " tell Katherine to get her own podcast" after having Katherine Diggs on the show. Now that's hurtful, America. But I get why you want her on here. Katherine was a guest on season 1, season 2, and now she's here for season 3. If you...

ReRelease of 3.15 This Christmas

Feb 18 • 51:19

This is the first time I've rereleased an episode. I'm interupting our season on teens, social media and sex to rerelease an episode that came out around Christmas time with my friend Billie Jean Johnson. This was a powerful episode. I heard from so many of you that this episode moved you, challenged you, and made you think that you might want something more or different f...

Net Navigation

Feb 11 • 59:57

There's a running list of things I don't understand and one of them is the internet. The internet is constantly changing. It goes deep and wide. Another thing I don't understand is teenagers. We may just use the internet for the things that we normally do like podcasts, shopping Facebook, and the rest. But teenagers, what do they do on the internet? Do they feel the same a...

Rhythms of Renewal

Feb 4 • 51:48

About 10 years ago, I wasn't doing any of the things I'm doing now. I wasn't writing books. I wasn't hosting podcasts. I was sitting at home and watching other women go first. A lot of us find someone who is doing what we want to do and we follow them and root for them and listen closely when they speak. I was at home watching Rebekah Lyons. I've loved her from the moment ...

Melissa & David Q&A

Jan 28 • 41:23

Melissa and David are here today to answer listener questions. Melissa loves it when people ask questions. We appreciate you trusting us with all of the things we'll be talking about today and on future episodes. The last couple of weeks have been dedicated to something that Melissa just can't wrap her mind around. We've been talking about being still, organizing, and decl...


Jan 21 • 38:42

A few months ago I got a book in the mail titled Uncluttered. Imagine that frozen moment in time, when I was holding this book while standing in my kitchen surrounded by, you guessed it, clutter! In spite of the stuff that creates clutter, today's podcast isn't about removing physical clutter. It's about removing noise, stress, and over commitments. This show is for anyon...

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