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Open Heart is an online-only, open access cardiology journal dedicated to publishing high quality, peer reviewed medical research in all disciplines and therapeutic areas of cardiovascular medicine. Its goal is to ensure maximum transparency and maximum impact on research progress and patient care.Read more

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A balanced omega-6/omega-3 ratio in the Greek Diet: the powerful aid in fighting obesity

Oct 3 • 22:17

Read the full article here: http://openheart.bmj…ent/3/2/e000385.full....

Why we were wrong about dietary fat guidelines

Feb 5 • 15:50

CDIS 2014: Tackling global reimbursement considerations: How does this impact trial design?

Feb 3 • 31:06

CDIS 2014: Commissioning through evaluation, and streamlining the commissioning process

Feb 3 • 28:00

CDIS 2014: New technology appraisal and commissioning discussion

Feb 3 • 17:24

CDIS 2014: Summit summary and closing comments

Feb 3 • 06:35

CDIS 2014: Inside NICE: Defining cost effectiveness and technology assessment

Feb 3 • 22:45

CDIS 2014: Funding opportunities from the British Heart Foundation

Feb 3 • 14:41

CDIS 2014: NIH initiatives - early stage funding opportunities for device innovation

Feb 3 • 24:39

CDIS 2014: Innovation: Preclinical and imaging in device iteration discussion

Jan 30 • 30:14

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