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Right now, a lot of us are asking some pretty deep questions about our careers and how we make our money. Is this the job I really want to be doing? Is there something more "me" out there? Should my job be changing the world? Or can I just get my check and go watch more TV. HostRead more

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Season Finale! Should I Be A Doula? with Sabia Wade

Nov 23 • 01:01:07

Sabia and I talk about all the ins and outs of becoming a doula. Including the difference between a doula and midwife, what it means to be a “full spectrum” doula, training vs. self-educating, to certify or not to certify, insurance/liability, the different types of doulas (there are many!), finding your speciality/niche, pricing, knowing when you’re ready for your first c...

Should I Be A Ceramicist? with Bari Ziperstein

Nov 16 • 58:07

Bari and I talk about all the ins and outs of being a ceramicist. Including going to school vs. being self-trained, building your brand and attracting clients, pricing, trade shows, the difference between fine art, collectible design, and open edition works, knowing when/how to build your team, and how sometimes things are ruined by being monetized aka maybe it’s ok to kee...

Should I Be On A Reality Show? With Amber Kemp-Gerstel Of Making It

Nov 9 • 01:14:16

Amber and I talk about all the ins and outs of being on a reality show. Including applying/auditioning, what producers are looking for, taking psychological tests/evaluations, seeing yourself on television, styling yourself (hair, makeup, clothes), the pay, and the non-monetary gains....

Should I Be A Librarian? With Ashley P, The Library Bae

Nov 1 • 01:21:11

Ashely P. and I talk about the difference between a librarian and library specialist, getting your Master's in Library and Information Science (MLIS), building a collection and cataloging, the pay, the different roles/jobs at a library, and learning to assert and protect yourself as a librarian....

Should I Be A Yoga Teacher? With Kathryn Budig

Oct 26 • 01:00:14

This week, I’m talking to Kathryn Budig. Kathryn and I talk about the difference between a yoga teacher and an instructor, finding a mentor, completing your teacher training, applying/auditioning to teach at a studio, teaching private clients, making a living as a yoga teacher, honoring the traditions of yoga, and her biggest tip on feeling ready to teach....

Should I Be A Therapist? with Amber Murphy

Oct 19 • 01:09:15

This week, I’m talking to Amber Murphy. Amber shares all the ins and outs of becoming a therapist, including getting a masters in social work, the supervised hours needed to practice (and finding a supervisor), the difference between a psychotherapist and psychiatrist, practicing therapy as an empath, building a private practice, the pay, and finding your specialty....

Should I Be In Food Media? With Joseph Hernandez

Oct 12 • 01:19:41

This week, I’m talking to Joseph Hernandez. Joseph shares all the ins and outs of working in food media. He talks about what makes a good pitch to an editor, how working for exposure is a scam, freelancing vs. salary positions, why fact checking is a great entry into food journalism, finding opportunities locally, and his three biggest tips for starting your way into food ...

Series Premiere of Should I Be! Should I Be A Dietitian? with Jessica Jones of Food Heaven

Oct 5 • 01:03:38

This week, I’m talking to Jessica Jones, a nationally-recognized Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. Jessica shares all the ins and outs of becoming a dietician. We talk about schooling, private practice vs. working in a clinic/hospital, pay, the difference between a nutritionist and a dietitian, avoiding burnout, and her biggest pet peeve about work. Sho...

FINALE! Episode 172: The Body Is Not An Apology + Unlearning with Sonya Renee Taylor

Apr 26 • 49:02

In this episode, I’m talking to Sonya Renee Taylor. Sonya is the founder of The Body is Not An Apology, a digital media and education company promoting radical self-love and body empowerment as the foundational tool for social justice and global transformation. She's the author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Body Is Not An Apology and her new book, Your Body I...

Episode 171: A Story Of Abortion And Healing with Anna Wood

Mar 25 • 38:43

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