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the one on a slow news day

Dec 1 • 38:51

with the american thanksgiving holiday you might say it was a slow news day slash week. i recap my personal crush list, date nights and how i spent my first thanksgiving in a pov me then dive into a new tv series i’m obsessing over, quickly rant about bachelor nation and why i literally can’t. we end with a short conversation on virgal abloh, his legacy and what i learned ...

the one on thanksgiving

Nov 24 • 34:50

ok this week we dive right in to pov me: we have done a lot of celebestie spotting, rubbing elbows and run-ins, so let’s recap what’s happened over the last two weeks. then we ofc discuss kimberly and peter and how i manifested their love [and why astroworld still needs to be discussed] then we round it out by manifesting who shawn and camila should end up with next, since...

the one about astroworld

Nov 9 • 30:43

ok i’ll keep this brief: we discuss high level conversation on astroworld but i genuinely believe this one might warrant a deep dive as a whole. it’s alarming the culture that was built around this violence. but to go back, we kickstart the episode with a pov me where i take you through my adventures in puppysitting last week [it’s a storytime] and then i end on a lighter ...

the one where shooter’s back!

Nov 3 • 01:15:07

the man, the myth, the big friendly giant legend: my friend stephen is back giving us all the dating advice, talking dating app hygiene and answering your questions from instagram. it’s always fun having a guest and even better when we’re answering your Q’s so thanks for sending them in! we also do a mini celeb roundup ft who else but kimberly and peter, discuss how out of...

the one with a lot of updates

Oct 27 • 44:35

ok this is a long pov me episode: we got egg freezing updates, i tell you all about my dating life and we dive into what it means to start this next chapter. i’m feeling inspirational but then we level off with a kravis update and i work overtime for hbo max to convince you to watch hbo sundays aka the BEST TV NIGHT OF THE WEEK. if you like what you hear today make sure yo...

the one with life choices

Oct 6 • 29:06

a big POV me to just tell you honestly and explicitly where i’m at. i quickly dabble in some tv shows and bachelor nation hot goss but ultimately my hormonal distractions [hi egg freezing] got the best of me and i am not quite there focus wise. they can’t all be winners. please enjoy and i’m sorry so that’s all for today but probably not. ok bye!...

the one inspired by michaela coel

Sep 23 • 45:52

let’s get into it. emmy’s recap, kardashian news and then we go deep into how michaela coel’s emmy speech inspired my next move…you’re going to have to listen and let me know your feedback. plus we answer your career questions and chat POV me. so please enjoy and if you do remember to subscribe, rate us five stars and leave a review on apple podcasts or heart us on spotify...

the one where our celebesties are back

Sep 15 • 55:13

what a week! from nyfw, the vma’s and the met gala we have a ton to talk through. oh how i’ve missed ya! my POV me is major at nyfw with a celeb spotting you don’t want to miss. we also talk a ton about what it means to want to be famous, actually become famous but then the work that has to in to maintaining that level of fame. we recorded back on tiktok live which is alwa...

the one where it’s my birthday

Sep 3 • 34:25

it’s my birthday and i just want to say thank you SO much for always listening and sharing your feedback with me! i enjoy getting to do this so much and i appreciate you and your kindness and am just very happy to celebrate in this new place, with a newfound sense of self and an excitement for what’s to come. and a huge part of that is due to your support through the highs...

the one with kylie bebe

Aug 25 • 44:04

ok we have a fun POV me where i just speak to my feeling settled and happy FINALLY. then we shift over to our keepin’ up segment and go through that whole kylie’s bebe news and the post she shared of stormi with the blue heart emoji. then i switch over to my latest celebrity encounters — that’s right — i have MAJOR MAJOR celebesties spottings from the valley and am ready t...

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