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On The Edge is a podcast all about making unexpected connections. It features conversations with people who are living and working on the boundaries of organisations and places, and who see the world a little differently. Hosted by compulsive connector Roland Harwood from Liminal. #OnTheEdgeRead more

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#038 Dilbagh Gill - Race to Zero

Jan 14 • 35:07
In this conversation I connected with Dilbagh Gill who is CEO of the Mahindra Formula E Racing team since the sports inaugural season in 2014.
Formula E is the is a single-seater motorsport championship for electric cars.
As one of ten founding teams – and the only Indian team – Dilbagh has built his team from the ground up which has led to multiple race victories and podium...

#036 Gurjit Singh Lalli - Make or Break

Nov 4 • 20:26

"What gives me hope is that people are getting involved with climate action, not just politicians and businesses. There is a strong show of human demand for change and that’s what we’ve always needed." Gurjit Singh Lalli...

#036 Sue Black - Tech for Good

Oct 19 • 41:52
In this conversation I connected with Dr Sue Black who is now a Prof of Computer Science at Durham. She is perhaps best known for her instrumental role in helping to save Bletchley Park, the once the top-secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers, including Alan Turing and 1,000’s others, half of whom were women, that allegedly shortened WW2 by 2-3 years and saved over ...

#035 Michael Garfield - The Purpose of Polymaths

Sep 24 • 30:02
In this conversation I connected with Michael Garfield who is a real renaissance man. A talented musician, artist and illustrator, podcaster, palaeontologist! What is the point of polymaths? He is the host of the Future Fossils Podcast and the Complexity Podcast for the Santa Fe Institute.
Previously he has been as a Community Manager for Long Now Foundation, an In-House Ph...

#034 Sharath Jeevan - Intrinsic

Sep 3 • 40:20
In this conversation I connected with Sharath Jeevan who is an expert on how to practically re-ignite the inner-drive (or intrinsic motivation) in our lives.

He is the Executive Chairman of Intrinsic Labs, which supports organisations all around the world to solve deep motivational challenges.
Previously Sharath founded and led STiR Education to re-ignite the motivation of...

#033 Jeremy Lent - Patterns of Meaning

Jul 16 • 49:05
In this conversation I connected with Jeremy Lent who describes himself as an author and integrator and “one of the greatest thinkers of our age”, according to George Monbiot.
Born in the UK and based for many years in the US, and now lives Berkeley California. His previous book The Patterning Instinct was about deeper patterns of political and cultural developments. 
This c...

#032 Geoffrey West - The Universal Laws of Scaling

Jun 15 • 36:40

In this conversation I connected with Geoffrey West who is a British theoretical physicist and former president and distinguished professor of the Santa Fe Institute the Santa Fe Institute is the world's leading research center for complex systems science. ...

#031 Gemma Mortensen - New Constellations

May 25 • 38:11
In this conversation I connected with Gemma Mortensen who is a social entrepreneur, who recently launched New Constellations to help people imagine and create a better, more beautiful future.
Prior to that she was Chief Global Officer at - a platform where over 200 million people from around the world have start a petition for change
Prior to that CEO of Crisis Ac...

#030 Margaret Heffernan - Uncertainty Powers Change

May 11 • 49:01
“The capacity of uncertainty to power change, you only really capture if at least you start, not because you know you can do it, but because you simply can’t bear the idea of not trying” Margaret Heffernan
In this conversation, I connected with Margaret Heffernan around the question of how uncertainty can power change. 
Margaret is an entrepreneur, CEO, writer and keynote sp...

#029 Jack Du Rose - Organisations for the Internet

May 4 • 47:15
In this conversation, I connected with Jack Du Rose who is cofounder of Colony, a decentralised autonomous organisation (DOA) which provides a platform for building organisations for the internet.
Previously, he was a self-taught jewellery designer, including producing Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted skull, For The Love of God.
I first connected with Jack a few years ago wh...

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