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On the Ear: An Audiology Podcast

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Audiology is a rapidly advancing field, and it can be challenging to keep up! Join audiologist and clinical assistant professor Dr. Dakota Sharp, Au.D., CCC-A, on his journey to interview colleagues and experts about all things audiology and communication. Together, you’ll explore the techniques,Read more

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Episode 30: A Deep Dive into Vestibular with Liz Fuemmeler, Au.D. and Daniel J. Romero, Au.D., Ph.D.

Nov 29 • 01:04:42

Dr. Liz Fuemmeler and Dr. Daniel J Romero are vestibular scientists that are involved in research and clinical work. Liz is one of a handful of private practice vestibular specialists, and Daniel is at the forefront of vestibular research. Tune in to find out how each of them became interested in the vestibular field, and what their advice is to other audiologists looking ...

Episode 29: Improving Outcomes of Children with Hearing Loss with Ryan McCreery, PhD

Nov 11 • 01:04:01

Dr. McCreery discusses his experience transitioning from clinical audiology to research work with the Outcomes of Children with Hearing Loss (OCHL) study at Boys Town National Research Hospital. He reviews their findings, including the impact of newborn hearing screening, early intervention, and advances in hearing technology on a wide range of outcomes for children who ar...

Episode 28: Reaching Those in Need pt 2 - TeleABR with Melanie Morris, Au.D.

Oct 28 • 01:01:55

Dr. Melanie Morris shares her process of establishing a remote auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing program, including the training, equipment, and challenges involved. Her experience working with “TeleABRs” has improved access to care in areas where the diagnostic evaluation has limited (and sometimes no) provider options, and also where COVID-19 has further limited ...

Episode 27: Deepening Our Understanding of Interprofessional Practice (IPP) with Danika Pfeiffer, PhD, CCC-SLP

Sep 23 • 56:04

Dr. Danika Pfeiffer’s research examines the clinical implications and expressions of inter-professional practice (IPP). Her discussion with Dr. Dakota Sharp covers the importance of IPP, the common misconceptions of practitioners, and how IPP can be utilized more effectively to improve outcomes for patients and clinicians alike. She also shares information about her new p...

Episode 26: The Full Scope of Audiology: Research Audiologist with Rachel Spitzer, Au.D.

Sep 9 • 59:24

Episode 25: Hearing Aids with a Normal Audiogram? Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) & Beyond! with Gail Whitelaw, Ph.D.

Aug 26 • 01:01:09

Although the traditional hearing aid candidate has audiometric thresholds outside normal limits, research shows that nontraditional candidates can demonstrate significant benefits from the devices as well. Dr. Whitelaw explains how individuals with auditory processing disorder (APD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and hidden hearing loss (HHL) can be fit and be successful w...

Episode 24: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Brain, Cognition, and Language with Julius Fridriksson, PhD, CCC-SLP

Aug 12 • 51:27

Episode 23: The Full Scope of Audiology: Working with Animals with Pete Schiefele, PhD, LCDR USN

Jul 16 • 57:30

Episode 22: Congenital CMV: A Crash Course with Amanda Devereaux, RN, BSN

Jun 24 • 01:02:16

Amanda shares her experience as a parent of a child with congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV), as well as her role as the Program Director for the National CMV Foundation. Her discussion with Dr. Sharp covers transmission of the disease, audiologic symptoms and diagnosis of cCMV, and a path toward screening for and eliminating cCMV for future generations. ...

Episode 21: IPC in Action: Audiology and Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) with Stephen Kneece, MA, CCC-SLP

Jun 17 • 54:12

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