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A podcast following designers, musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers and more, exploring the details of how they get from a to b and everything in between.

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Kris Andrew Small On Art And Design

Aug 29 • 01:18:18

Kris is an extremely vibrant, creative and passionate human being and his work reflects this. Kris, starting his creative journey in advertising, now works with all the big boys like Nike, Adidas and Apple just to name a few. During this conversation we hear about Kris growing up as a kid getting his start in creativity and being not the typical child creative prodigy that...

Kate Isobel Scott On Plasticine Illustration And Animation

Aug 15 • 01:04:44

Kate Isobel Scott is an incredibly talented artist who's chosen visual language, through mediums such as plasticine, embroidery and animation, is visceral, playful, slightly nostalgic, and completely gorgeous. Kate has a really unique ability to unapologetically move seamlessly between mediums and disciplines, bringing strengths and experiences from one creative category i...

Studio Yorktown On Mockups

Jul 22 • 01:05:33

We are welcoming back Bruce as he is our first two time guest, coming in for an encore to take us through the gorgeous work he does with design mockups under the name Studio Yorktown. Studio Yorktown takes mockups to another level, another planet even, it's not even really fair to call anything else a mockup after looking at these. During our conversation Bruce walks us th...

Kyle Steed On Art

May 23 • 01:29:14

Kyle Steed is a fascinating, poetic and creative force based in Dallas Texas. We go from end to end in this one from the bipolar implications of social media all the way through to balancing creative work with kids and intentionally slowing down your work and process. You might hear Kyle doing some doodling during our conversation and you can even hear his markers moving a...

Kwame Bruce Busia On NFTs

Apr 11 • 01:23:58

Kwame Bruce Busia possibly better known – especially in design circles – as StudioYorktown does many, many things with a high level of skill including being a singer/songwriter, producer, designer, photographer and entrepreneur. One of those things is having a love and knowledge for blockchain tech, crypto currencies and yes the topic of the day NFTs. I was getting pretty ...

Brendan Cato On Winemaking

Mar 28 • 01:11:49

Brendan Cato is first and foremost a chef of a very high caliber, but perhaps more pertinent to the topic of this conversation Brendan is a winemaker and roaming food forager. I loved so many parts of this conversation and we cover many aspects of winemaking, but as usual I dig deep into Brendan's process including his unique, minimal intervention and locally sourced appro...

Charl Laubscher On Digital Design

Mar 10 • 01:26:21

Charl is the founder and creative director of the renowned digital focussed agency Love & Money. During our conversation Charl breaks down some fascinating methodology around digital design like atomic design and memetics that, let's be honest, most of which goes way over my head, but is super fascinating nonetheless. We talk about how swiftly kicking your ego out the door...

Zhu Ohmu On Sculptural Ceramics

Sep 28 • 01:06:20

Working under the pseudonym Zhu Ohmu, Melbourne ceramicist Rose Wei makes striking organic decorative vessels. Zhu makes the most incredible and almost visceral pieces of ceramic and all done with no formal training. During our chat we dive into how the lack of formal training has actually been a key asset to what she has accomplished. We hear Zhu's thoughts on having a mi...

Daisy Watt On Weaving

Sep 13 • 01:44:04

Daisy is an extremely intelligent, generous human that is also highly skilled at the art of weaving. This conversation take us to some incredibly interesting parts of Daisy's process, including some of the nearly unbelievable parallels and impacts that weaving has had on the development of technology as we've come to know and love it today. Basically without weaving, there...

Damien Bredberg On Multifaceted Photography

Aug 30 • 01:12:50

Damien is a multi-disciplinary photographer that has a very unique and highly conceptual way of looking through a lens. His work is theatrical, dynamic and almost surreal. Damien is renowned for his unique approach to the extraction of stories, character and emotion. We uncover some super fascinating aspects of Damien's process like how much storytelling and drawing from h...

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