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Omen | A Fantasy Audio Drama


Can three unlikely heroes keep from arguing long enough to thwart a diabolical conspiracy? From the producers of Girl in Space comes Omen, a fantasy audio drama that explores ancient ruins, sails the high seas, and questions whether friendship truly is magic—all while cracking pirate skulls andRead more

Popular episodes

Omen Season Two Announcement!

Nov 21 • 10:56

Omen creator Tim Krause shares a "deleted" scene from season one and talks about plans for Omen season two!...

Omen 112: New Horizons

Nov 7 • 46:33

As the first season comes to a bittersweet finale, our heroes find themselves with little time to lament. A looming threat has resurfaced… and this time, it's personal....

Omen 111: Weal and Woe

Oct 24 • 39:38
Something just isn't right in Almas, and the gang must watch their backs while contending with a vexing case of déja vu. With threats on all sides, have our heroes finally met their match? Content warning: instance of self harm.   Full episode transcripts and cast credits can be viewed at   Omen is proud to be an independent production. Support th...

Omen 110: Homeward Bound

Oct 10 • 46:25

It's a race against time as our heroes attempt to outrun an unstoppable foe bent on bloody vengeance. Meanwhile, all is not as it seems aboard the Wheel's Woe....

Omen 109: Blood Debts

Sep 26 • 39:32

The gang bumps into both allies and adversaries in surprising places. But are they prepared to face their most powerful nemesis? Content warning: instances of self harm....

Omen 108: Finders Keepers

Sep 12 • 39:03

The stakes have never been higher as the gang gambles everything on a dangerous showdown--and only one captain will be left standing. Can our heroes rise to this deadly challenge?...

Omen 107: Boiling Pots

Aug 29 • 01:02:32

Our heroes swap stories and haggle for hints in a sinister game of life or death. What mysteries will they uncover? And will they live to tell the tale? Content warning: instances of ableism....

Omen 106: Delving Deeper

Aug 15 • 41:29

The gang gets more than they bargain for while taking a closer look at an otherworldly phenomenon. What secrets lie in wait for them at the bottom of the Inner Sea?...

Omen 105: All The Sea's A Stage

Aug 1 • 44:43

On the lam and running for their lives, the gang must place their trust in an unlikely liberator while navigating the choppy waters of maritime politics. All in favor, say aye! Content warning: instances of ableism....

Omen 104: You're Mine Now

Jul 18 • 40:05

Things have gone from bad to worse, and our heroes are forced to survive the sadistic whims of their corsair captors. Can they endure such dark and dangerous waters? Content warning: human trafficking, violence....

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