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Volcanoes. Trees. Drunk butterflies. Mars missions. Slug sex. Death. Beauty standards. Anxiety busters. Beer science. Bee drama. Take away a pocket full of science knowledge and charming, bizarre stories about what fuels these professional -ologists' obsessions. Humorist and science correspondentRead more

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Sparklebuttology (FIREFLIES) with Sara Lewis

Jul 27 • 01:04:04

Sparklebuttology (FIREFLIES) with Sara Lewis...

Smologies #2: DINOSAURS with Paleontologist Michael Habib

Jul 20 • 19:23

Yes, a double dose of short, all-ages episodes to launch Smologies! We cleaned up the full version and polished it into a safe-for-work digest of dinosaur facts and tales from a paleontologist with Dr. Michael Habib. Learn about the economics of a dino dig, his favorite beasts, cloning from amber samples, which museum dinos are real vs. fakes, Jurassic Park flimflam and mo...

Smologies #1: THE MOON with Selenologist Raquel Nuno

Jul 20 • 26:36

Introducing… SMOLOGIES. Smaller, shorter, G-rated episodes cut from your favorite classics. Listen to Smologies in classrooms, around people whose language is squeaky clean, and in safe-for-work settings. You get bite-sized info in a jiffy, and I get to reserve my filthy language for our longer, regular episodes that drop on Tuesdays. In this episode, planetary geologist R...

Elasmobranchology (MORE NEW SHARK STORIES) with MISS_Elasmo Shark Scientists

Jul 16 • 26:25

Lemon sharks! Goblin sharks! Bonnet sharks! Whale sharks! And ...sawfish? WE NEEDED A BIGGER BOAT. One shark episode was not enough, during this: The Week of the Shark. Sure, Alie just got married a few days ago, but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw together this bundle of wonder with a few of the incredible researchers from Minorities in Shark Science. Get ready to befrie...

Selachimorphology (SHARKS) Encore with Chris Lowe

Jul 13 • 01:17:55

SHAAAARKS. Leading shark researcher Dr. Chris Lowe dishes about bad shark PR, behind-the-scenes Jaws trivia, his thoughts on Sharknado, surfing safety, immune system marvels, cannibal twins, shark personalities, sea sex, and knife teeth in this, an encore-but-refreshed episode with your newly married pod-dad. Alie learns that sharks are not the ocean's a-holes but true evo...

Matrimoniology (MARRIAGE) Encore with Ben Karney

Jul 6 • 01:34:24

A special encore as your dad hastily preps to wed your podmom, Jarrett. Refresh your brain about your heart, then stay tuned for a new secret at the end....

UFOlogy (UNEXPLAINED AERIAL PHENOMENA) with Sarah Scoles and Kate Dorsch

Jun 29 • 01:10:28

UFOs are real. Straight up. There are unidentified objects flying around — but does that mean they’re aliens? Two experts in the research and culture of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) -- science journalist/author Sarah Scoles and Dr. Kate Dorsch, a scholar in the History and Sociology of Science -- joined Alie moments after Friday’s breaking news of the Pentagon’s UAP...

Spheksology (WASPS) with Eric Eaton

Jun 22 • 01:11:50

Wasps!? Don’t even THINK of skipping this one, my beautiful chickens. You’re about to change your outlook on the most maligned winged sky babies, and we are delighted that author, bug dude, and spheksologist Eric Eaton is about to change your mind and fill your heart with respect and appreciation. Hunker down for fig critters, bejeweled zombie queens, bug corsets, underdog...

Quarantinology (UM, WHAT HAPPENS NOW?) with Various Ologists

Jun 15 • 01:16:25

Lifted restrictions! Discarded masks! Vaxxing & relaxing! Parties. Variant confusion. FOMO while also dreading events. Worry about strangers. Grief for a cancelled year. WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE? We’ve got you covered. As infection rates go down and restrictions lift in the U.S., you may feel: relieved, overjoyed, nude without a mask, guilty about surviving, conflicted about ...

Wildlife Ecology (FIELDWORK) with Corina Newsome

Jun 8 • 01:15:32

Human-sucking mud holes. Beautiful birdsongs. Early mornings. Eyeball gnats. Stunning vistas. The long-awaited episode with ornithologist Corina Newsome is finally here and we talk all about the day-to-day-realities of being a Wildlife Ecologist. She dishes about working in zoos, getting her masters, housing for grad students, nest checking, birding apps, camera traps, #Bl...

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