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Oh These, Those Stars of Space!

Fiction • Comedy • Leisure

Far beyond the frontier of civilized space, sails the starship the CSS Cavalier, manned by her strange and daring crew. Their destination? Adventure. Their cargo? Your dang ears. Their mission? Episodic science fiction comedy at the intersection of Star Trek, Douglas Adams, and the Marquis DeSade.Read more

Popular episodes

LIVE: Man Moon Rising

Nov 22 • 01:33:35

Heads up DUDES! It's the audio from our first (FREE for Patrons)  live stream: MAN MOON RISING. Liberty Balboa, Mitzy, Gelmire, Threadcount and Legs are sent to find a long lost colony on the moon of Testoster 1. But what's this? In the relatively brief time they've been out of contact with the Concilloium, the colonists have developed into a world ruled What pos...

King of Queens

Oct 28 • 01:31:31

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! A mysterious structure from the distant past appears off the bow of the Cavalier, and Ensign Bubbsriel (Carly Monardo), Father Matthew Sagittarius (Christopher Hastings), and Mary (Ali Fisher), decide to investigate. And can Groomda (Tim Platt) quit it with the Halloween preparations long enough to help out??

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Oct 18 • 01:08:30

After the first two minutes of this episode, you might think there's nothing but silence for the next 60 minutes. BUT KEEP LISTENING. I promise it's worth it. Hell, maybe Cavvy the Cavalier (Branson Reese), Tuscaloosa Casketshowroom (Taylor Moore), and Groomda (Tim Platt) show up. How?? You'll just have to find out...

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Bride and Vroom

Sep 30 • 01:33:08

When an old "friend" of Baron Baudelaire interrupts a wedding planning party, Meredith Chesterfield (Ali Fisher) Gelmire Lysander (Tim Platt) and the Baron himself (Taylor Moore) must travel to the speed moon of Vroomex 9 and put their very lives on the line; the FINISH LINE that is! ...

These Electric Kings, These Digital Lords!

Sep 3 • 01:11:17

Following a party in the Engine Room, pilot Legs Loveless (Taylor Moore) calls Katya Bushnikova (Carly Monardo), Threadcount 900 (Christopher Hastings), and rookie engineer Mitzy Festerchild (Ali Fisher), to the bridge to hear a mysterious transmission. When it's decoded, its contents will shock and disturb you. PLUS: Where did Groomda (Tim Platt) go?!...

Bound by the Limelight

Aug 23 • 01:21:08

In the middle of rehearsal for a new play, the crew of the Cavalier is blinded by a strange and powerful blast of light from a nearby planet. Can the crew overcome their fear of getting  "goo hole" and investigate its origins? Once those origins are found, will the crew risk it all to do the right thing? Is it true that that all the world's a stage and that all the men and...

The Resilient Children

Aug 5 • 01:13:23

¡Snagged! In the midst of a security shakedown, the Cavalier is suddenly caught in a vast and mysterious alien artifact. With power reserves dwindling, Threadcount 900 and a trio of potential criminals, (a Space Angel, a bingo caller, and the proprietor of the ship's only for-profit pleasure dome) must journey into harm's way to discover the terrible truth of their ensnare...

Who Do Dare

Jul 26 • 01:19:01

On a routine mission, Capt. Cal Sisters and the crew of the CSS Cavalier are commandeered by a strange being with God-like powers and must make a terrible choice. Can they survive his impossible game? What happens next may surprise you. ...

Oh These, Those Secrets REVEALED!

Jul 23 • 35:59

What that show do? How's it gonna work? What's the "deal" with this p'cast? You've got questions and the producers and cast of Oh These, Those Stars of Space have got the answers. One need only listen. Hailing And the Patreon is LIVE NOW! Join the subscription Vanguard and receive a whole additional episode on release day, and then every single damn mon...

Oh These, Those Stars of Space! (the trailer)

Jul 13 • 01:56

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